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On the Hill: Backcountry touring on Carson Pass (Video)

On the Hill is brought to you by the Tahoe Center for Orthopedics Breakdown: On the Hill host and Tahoe Daily Tribune reporter Sebastian Foltz gets in the backcountry on Carson Pass. BACKCOUNTRY AVALANCHE DANGER A CONCERN FOLLOWING STORM FULL STORY: http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/news/20694429-113/winter-storm-brings-avalanche-concerns-to-tahoe-basin Weekend Weather: Sunny skies and warmer temperatures are expected through the weekend. Area resorts have reported receiving up to two feet from storms this week. More information is available at http://www.sierraavalanchecenter.org.

South Tahoe Snowboad Series results

USASA South Tahoe Snowboard Series Season Opener at Kirkwood on Jan. 4. Giant Slalom (top 3) Open Class Women: 1, Amy Sage, Mammoth, 87.57; 2, Vanessa Lowe, South Lake Tahoe,148.92 Open Class Men: 1, Ari Giovenco, South Lake Tahoe, 73.24; 2, Peter Butcher, San Diego, 94.23; 3, Agustin Murguia, Mammoth, 109.62 Ruggie Girls (7 and under): 1, Julia Mason , Zephyr Cove, 191.26 Ruggie Boys (7 and under): 1, Nicholas Larsen, San bruno, 366.83 Grommet Girls (8 & 9): 1, Natasha Sagucka, South Lake Tahoe, 134.7 Grommet Boys (8-9): 1, Sammy Mason, Zephyr Cove, 95.92; 2, Mika Hight, Zephyr Cove, 99.53 Novice: 1, Jordan Laub, Glenbrook, 100.45; 2, Geoffrey Smith, Placerville, 115.12 Menehune Boys (10-11): 1, Harrison Kramer, South Lake Tahoe, 102.79; 2, Tanner Hart, South Lake Tahoe, 109.15; 3, Cody Horan, Placerville, 161.38 Breaker Girls (12-13): 1, Jamie Anderson, South Lake Tahoe, 92.61 Breaker Boys (12-13): 1, Roger Carver, Placerville, 79.52; 2, Micholas Poohachaoff, South Lake Tahoe, 81.65; 3, David Kapinos, Rohnert Park, 101.55 Youth Women (14-15): 1, Stacie Anderson, South Lake Tahoe, 88.41; 2, Elan Whitney, South Lake Tahoe, 92.86; 3, Colleen Sheehan, South Lake Tahoe, 99.57 Youth Men (14-15): 1, Ryan Bosson, South Lake Tahoe, 81.75; 2, Kevin Cain, Gardnerville, 81.97; 3, Ben Goldenberg, 82.52; Junior Women (16-17): 1, Joanie Anderson, South Lake Tahoe, 86.1; 2, Nicole Ricioli, South Lake Tahoe, 96.39; 3, Jacqueline Smith, Pollock Pines, 98.8 Junior Men (16-17): 1, Jesse Hall, Mt. Shasta, 81.99; 2, Jeff Kaczmar, South Lake Tahoe, 83.06; 3, Nickolay Dodov, Bear Valley, 85.52; Women Jams (18-22): 1, Tess Weathers, Mt. Shasta, 103.15; 2, Lena Jordan, Rescue, 113.4; 3, Christina Vu, El Dorado Hills, 131.77; Men Jams (18-22): 1, Jeremiah Ray, Jackson, 98.76 Senior Women (23-29): 1, Andrea Fotrova, Czech Republic, 118.51; 2, Karin Tuxen, Albany, 121.07 Senior Men (23-29): 1, Lee A. Breshears, Reno, 86.96 Master Women (30-39): 1, Nancy Ng, South Lake Tahoe, 108.89 Master Men (30-39): 1, Adam Neil, Zephyr Cove, 80.15; 2, Risley Sams, San Francisco, 82.64; 3, Benjamin Boussina, Greenbrae, 94.17 Legend Women (40-49): 1, Donna Vano, South Lake Tahoe, 104.81; 2, Zippy Neil, Zephyr Cove, 171.81 Legend Men (40-19): 1, Gordon Moncibais, Benicia, 133.68; 2, Tom Collins, Truckee, 155.01 Kahuna Men (50-59): 1, Len Winkler, Placerville, 112.47; 2, Herbert “Dick” Schulze, Palo Alto, 129.33 SLALOM Jan. 5 At Kirkwood Ski Resort Women Open Class 1. Joanie Anderson, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 81.12 seconds; 2. Vanessa Lowe, South Lake, 113.9. Jam’s (18-22) 1. Tess Weathers, Mount Shasta, Calif., 101.0; 2. Lena Jordan, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 112.75. Senior (23-29) 1. Karin Tuxen, Albany, Calif., 124.31. Master (30-39) 1. Nancy Ng, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 105.11; 2. Carol Anne Giustina, South Lake Tahoe, 133.71. Legend (40-49) 1. Donna Vano, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 105.77; 2. Zippy Neil, Zephyr Cove, 183.65. Girls Ruggie (7 and under) 1. Julia Mason, Heavenly, 170.65. Grommet (8-9) 1. Natasha Sagucks, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 139.88. Breaker (12-13) 1. Jamie Anderson, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 96.06. Youth (14-15) 1. Elan Whitney, South Lake Tahoe, 88.44; 2. Stacie Anderson, Sierra-at-tahoe, 88.85; 3. Colleen Sheehan, Heavenly, 89.32. Junior (16-17) 1. Katie Sheehan, Heavenly, 98.32; 2. Jacqueline Smith, Pollock Pines, Calif., 98.64; 3. Melissa Anino, Heavenly, 126.24. Note: Nicole Ricioli, Sierra, total time not listed Men Open Class 1. Ario Giovenco, Heavenly Snowboard Foundation, 71.31; 2. Agustin Murgula, Mammoth Lakes, 89.11. Jam’s (18-22) 1. Justin Alcantara, Zephyr Cove, 93.47; 2. Tyler Summers, Yreka, Calif., 100.93; 3. Jeremiah Ray, Jackson, Calif., 122.16. Master (30-39) 1. Adam Neil, Zephyr Cove, 82.05; 2. Risley Sams, San Francisco, 85.52; 3. Mick Connolly, Twaine Harte, Calif., 100.94. Legend (40-49) 1. Tom Goldenberg, South Lake Tahoe, 132.29. Kahuna (50-59) 1. Herbert Schulze, Palo Alto, Calif., 168.74. Boys Grommet (8-9) 1. Sammy Mason, Heavenly, 93.13; 2. Mika Hight, Heavenly, 98.19; 3. Jordan Laub, Heavenly, 106.53; 4. Geoffrey Smith, Placerville, 160.37. Menehune (10-11) 1. Tanner Hart, Heavenly, 97.37; 2. Harrison Kramer, South Lake Tahoe, 98.22. Breaker (12-13) 1. Roger Carver, Heavenly, 73.77; 2. Nicholas Poohachoff, Heavenly, 79.89; 3. Aaron Orlick, Carson City, 89.91; 4. Chad Cooney, South Lake Tahoe, 99.67; 5. Jack Lyle, South Lake Tahoe, 106.75; 6. Chase Hart, Heavenly, 107.25. Youth (14-15) 1. Greg Dupree, Heavenly, 74.46; 2. Ryan Bosson, Heavenly, 75.01; 3. Ben Goldenberg, Heavenly, 75.99; 4. Abe Greenspan, Heavenly, 78.62; 5. Brian Galea, Heavenly, 80.04; 6. Kevin Cain, Heavenly, 84.05; 7. Casey Weathers, Mount Shasta, 89.65; 8. Aaron Laub, Heavenly, 101.37; 9. John Retta, Martinez, Calif., 103.97; 10. Russell Kaczmar, South Lake Tahoe, 113.33; 11. Cory Mitchelson, Sierra, 130.61. Junior (16-17) 1. Jesse Hall, Mount Shasta, Calif., 74.98; 2. Nickolay Dodov, Sierra-at-Tahoe, 93.06; 4. Jeff Kaczmar, Heavenly, 121.99.

Biz Beat: New store sells lingerie in ‘tasteful’ atmosphere

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE ” A new lingerie boutique and novelty store has opened on the South Shore. Teaz N’ Pleaz owner Samuel Dufour said this is the third lingerie boutique he’s started. The other stores were in Folsom and Reno. He co-owns the store with his brother, Jay Dufour. “Our store is tasteful,” Dufour said. “It’s important that we take care of customers and that they’re comfortable in here.” The store has a Victoria’s Secret vibe to it, and carries lingerie, clothes, shoes, Bearpaw boots, purses and accessories. When summer arrives, Dufour said he’ll switch out the winter inventory and carry swimsuits, sunglasses and sandals. Dufour said he researches all the items he carries to make sure he has unique products. For example, he carries Bettie Page-style dresses, and dresses from a Miami designer. The inventory has all different price points, so people can find something nice on a budget, Dufour said. And the store carries things that will fit women of all shapes and sizes. Dufour said he carries products up to a size 3X. Even though this is his first store on the South Shore, Dufour said he’s been coming to Tahoe his whole life. He remembers eating strawberry waffles at the Red Hut Cafe, and his grandfather owned the first orthodontist office on the South Shore. The store does have adult novelties, but Dufour designed the shop so the back room is discrete, and customers shopping for clothes or lingerie can’t see the items unless they walk into the room. Dufour also displays local art in his store. Artist T. Jax has three paintings on display that are for sale. Dufour also is selling a local writer’s book, and wants to expand offerings from local artists. Dufour didn’t hesitate to get involved with the community earned. The business is sponsoring George Alm from KRLT in the Polar Plunge ” a Special Olympics fundraising event, Dufour said. The store is providing Alm’s outfit, with go-go boots and a feather boa to jump in the lake. The store will host a grand opening in May. Teaz N’ Pleaz is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. It’s at 2759 Lake Tahoe Blvd., between Meek’s Lumber and Hardware and the Red Hut Waffle Shop. For more information, call (530) 544-8329, or got to teaznpleaz.com. Earnings are down for Harrah’s Entertainment other Nevada Region properties, which include Harrah’s Reno, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Harveys Lake Tahoe, Bill’s Casino and Harrah’s Laughlin. The area earned $16 million for the fourth quarter, compared to $31 million during the same time frame in 2007. For the full year, the properties earned $113.5 million, compared to $148.4 million in 2007. The Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce will hold its board meeting at 8 a.m. on March 19 at Harveys Resort Casino. For more information, call (755) 588-1728, or go to tahoechamber.org. ” Have information on your business you’d like to share? Contact reporter Sara Thompson at (530) 542-8009 or sthompson@tahoedailytribune.com.

Dog days of summer at Lake Tahoe

If you think man’s best friend is reserved to the back yard, you’re barking up the wrong tree. At Lake Tahoe, locals and tourists alike do a number of things with their dogs. The four-legged creatures have been found on ski area gondolas, eating at restaurants, ball catching at Kiva Beach, running around Spooner Lake as well as riding in cars, on motorcycles and beside bicycles. There are even those that sit in kayaks. Ninety-pound Buster, 6, cruised over the lake Sunday, sitting in the middle of a tandem kayak between Joe and Michelle Peltier of Carson City. “He’s been very good,” she said of the golden retriever. Buster has become a water dog. First-timer Clancy, a 4-year-old shepherd mix, took her introduction to the sport in stride, as owner Misty Gaswint took her out for a kayak demonstration. “I wasn’t sure how she was going to take it,” the South Lake Tahoe woman said. Gaswint was basing her kayak purchase on Clancy’s comfort level. From lake level to mountain ridges, some dogs are more comfortable in unique places than others. Northstar-at-Tahoe invites dogs to ride the gondola with their owners during the summer months. The charge is $10 and all types of breeds are welcome until Sept. 6. Squaw Valley has answered the call for dog lovers by hosting The Bark Festival, an event designed to appeal to the canine. The Sept. 18 event will feature animal art, a lake-jumping contest, live music, a pet talent competition and fashion show. This is familiar ground to the new South Lake Tahoe store, 2 Dogs and a Cat. About every type of dog-friendly product hangs in cubby holes through the Village Center shop. “Can dogs come in here?” Marina Vazquez asked of her 10-month-old boxer, Raider. The clerk waved her in. “He goes with me everywhere,” the Antioch woman said, as the dog romped into the store and sniffed the merchandise. Vazquez said she takes the spotted canine shopping in any store where he’s allowed. She’ll even take him to parties and other social functions. He, in turn, gets better scraps than the ordinary dog bones. But of course, these treats have evolved, too. Many dog owners have scoped out the Tahoe eateries that are dog friendly. On any day of the week, the canines can be spotted next to picnic tables at the Burger Lounge and Burgers A Go-Go. Vazquez inquired about what beaches would accommodate Raider, who was named after the Oakland football team. That’s the idea Steve Travis of Sacramento had in mind. He tested 8-year-old China’s fetching skills with a tennis ball at the popular dog spot – Kiva Beach, north of Camp Richardson Resort. The Australian shepherd also went after a flexible throwing device that looks like a Frisbee, as Travis leisurely watched the waves lap over the beach. It was a mellow Monday. “She doesn’t like the Frisbee because it’s too hard,” Travis said. – Susan Wood can be reached at (530) 542-8009 or via e-mail at swood@tahoedailytribune.com

Lake Tahoe ski resort report

TRUCKEE/TAHOE – Below is an update of snow conditions, lift information and operations at 15 regional downhill and cross-country ski resorts, as of Tuesday morning. Please check with individual resorts for latest conditions and operations. ALPINE MEADOWS http://www.skialpine.com Open lifts: 3 of 12 Open trails: 20 of 32 24-hr Snow Total: 9 inches lower mountain, 14 inches upper mountain Upper mountain snow: 92 inches Lower mountain snow: 49 inches Snow condition: Groomed slopes BOREAL http://www.borealski.com Open lifts: 2 of 6 Open trails: Not available 24 hr Snow Total: 10 inches Upper mountain snow: 67 inches Lower mountain snow: 60 inches Snow condition: Machine groomed packed and open powder DIAMOND PEAK (Opens Dec. 16) http://www.diamondpeak.com Open lifts: 0 of 6 Open trails: 0 of 31 24-hr Snow Total: 6 inches Upper mountain snow: 54 inches Lower mountain snow: 44 inches Snow condition: Powder, packed powder, machine-made and machine-groomed snow HEAVENLY http://www.skiheavenly.com Open lifts: 8 open, 10 on hold, 12 closed, of 30 Open trails: 85 percent 24-hr Snow Total: 6 inches Upper mountain snow: 54 inches Lower mountain snow: 44 inches Snow condition: Skier-packed powder, machine-made and machine-groomed snow HOMEWOOD (Opens Dec. 10) http://www.skihomewood.com Open lifts: 0 of 6 Open trails: 0 of 65 24-hr Snow Total: 2 inches Upper mountain snow: 70 inches Lower mountain snow: 49 inches Snow condition: New snow KIRKWOOD http://www.kirkwood.com Open lifts: 5 of 15 Open trails: 60 percent of Trails Open, 20 Trails Groomed Groomed Trails: 20 24-hr Snow Total: 12 inches Upper mountain snow: 48 inches Lower mountain snow: 48 inches Snow condition: Groomed in parts KIRKWOOD XC 24-hr Snow Total: 12 inches Open trail: 60 percent of trails open, 20 of trails groomed Snow base: 48 inches Snow condition: Groomed in parts MOUNT ROSE http://www.skirose.com Open lifts: 4 of 7 Open trails: 7 of 9 chutes open, trail information not available 12-hr Snow Total: 7-9 inches Upper mountain snow: 31 inches Lower mountain snow: 54 inches Snow condition: Open Powder and Machine Groomed Packed Powder NORTHSTAR-AT-TAHOE http://www.northstarattahoe.com Open lifts: 9 of 19, (beginner 11, intermediate 34, advanced 32) Open trails: 77 of 92 Groomed trails: 48 24-hr Snow Total: 10 inches Upper mountain snow: 71 inches Lower mountain snow: 36 inches Snow condition: Powder ROYAL GORGE CROSS COUNTY (Closed Tuesday through Thursday) http://www.royalgorge.com Open trails: Not available Groomed trails: 60 of 195 kilometers 24-hr Snow Total: 0 inches Upper mountain snow: Not available Lower mountain snow: Not available Snow condition: Not available SIERRA-AT-TAHOE http://www.sierraattahoe.com Open lifts: 4 of 12 Open trails: 43 of 48 Groomed trails: 29 24-hr Snow Total: 8 inches Upper mountain snow: 68 inches Lower mountain snow: 26 inches Snow condition: Machine groomed, powder SQUAW VALLEY USA http://www.squaw.com Open lifts: 9 of 33 Open trails: Not available 24-hr Snow Total: 11-13 inches Upper mountain snow: 93 inches Lower mountain snow: 52 inches Snow condition: Groomed, powder, packed powder SUGAR BOWL http://www.sugarbowl.com Open lifts: 6 of 13 Open trails: Not available 24-hr Snow Total: 12 inches Upper mountain snow: 84 inches Lower mountain snow: 70 inches Snow condition: Powder, machine Groomed TAHOE CROSS COUNTRY http://www.tahoexc.org Open trails: 15 of 20 24-hr Snow Total: 2 plus inches Snow: 30 inches at trailhead, 48 inches upper trails Snow condition: Groomed TAHOE DONNER CROSS COUNTRY and DOWNHILL SKI AREA (Opens Dec. 10) http://www.skitahoedonner.com Groomed cross-country trails: Not available Open downhill trails: Closed Open lifts: Closed 24-hr Snow Total: 0 inches Upper mountain snow: 56 inches Lower mountain snow: 36 inches Downhill snow condition: 56 inches Cross country snow condition: 36 inches

Lake Tahoe resorts prepare to open

ALPINE MEADOWS ” Ski resort representatives from around Lake Tahoe took part in the annual winter recreation luncheon Thursday at Alpine Meadows to discuss projected opening dates and what is new with their mountains. Following Boreal Mountain Resort’s opening Thursday, resorts plan to open around late November, many with new things to offer this winter. Heavenly Mountain Resort anticipates a Nov. 21 opening, and Kirkwood Mountain Resort plans to open sometime this month. Sierra-at-Tahoe is dependent on snow and hasn’t announced a date. Squaw Valley USA and Northstar-at-Tahoe are shooting for a Nov. 22 opening. Northstar representatives said the resort has spent the off-season expanding Lookout Mountain, adding 500 vertical feet and more than 100 acres of new terrain. Anticipating a Nov. 26 opening, Alpine Meadows promoted its new Last Chair Bar and Restaurant in the Main Lodge and its new executive chef, Chris Patrick, who came from Park City, Utah, where he was the executive chef for Bistro 412. Diamond Peak representative Kayla Anderson said the resort is continuing to blow snow while awaiting a Dec. 11 opening. With a $4 million renovation to its Base Lodge and a Private Last Tracks offer, Diamond Peak is excited to unveil their new mountain to the public. “With Private Last Tracks, skiers and boarders can take the last chair up for the day, enjoy delicious food and wine, and then ride down freshly groomed trails to the base area,” Anderson said. Not limited to ski resort updates, the winter recreation luncheon gave representatives from 37 businesses and organizations a chance to hear what’s new in the Tahoe business world. Though representatives were excited to talk about their own companies, almost everyone was pulling for a productive and fun winter, hopefully with a lot of snow.

#TahoeSnaps: Summer sunbathing in the Lake Tahoe Basin

All photos courtesy of #TahoeSnaps TahoeSnaps, the Tribune's Instagram account, is a lake-wide endeavor. We joined forces with Lake Tahoe Action and our North Shore partner, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, to bring our readers more fun photos from around Lake Tahoe. Here's the fun part: Tag us or use our hashtag (#TahoeSnaps) when you post a Tahoe-focused photo to Instagram, and you may see your photo reposted to our account or printed in Saturday's Tribune. Photos should feature Tahoe's vibe — ski shots, lake views, family fun, snowball fights, really anything you're doing around our lovely lakeside communities. We post and repost on a daily basis.

Ken Gerrard on pace to finish Boston Marathon

Ken Gerrard of South Lake Is on pace to finish his first Boston Marathon today. The 52-year-old Gerrard has completed 30 kilometers of the race in 2 hours, 40 minutes and 27 seconds. Given his pace, he’s projected to finish the 113th running of the event in 3:46:11.

#TahoeSnaps: Making the most of summer on the lake

All photos courtesy of #TahoeSnaps TahoeSnaps, the Tribune's Instagram account, is a lake-wide endeavor. We joined forces with Lake Tahoe Action and our North Shore partner, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, to bring our readers more fun photos from around Lake Tahoe. Here's the fun part: Tag us or use our hashtag (#TahoeSnaps) when you post a Tahoe-focused photo to Instagram, and you may see your photo reposted to our account or printed in Saturday's Tribune. Photos should feature Tahoe's vibe — ski shots, lake views, family fun, snowball fights, really anything you're doing around our lovely lakeside communities. We post and repost on a daily basis.