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July 3, 2013
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Waiting for T.I.M. reunites for America

Waiting for T.I.M. was like one of those strange gusts that comes out of nowhere and blows your hat off. All of a sudden you’re screaming and stomping the ground. There are men dressed as furry African mammals and a pink bunny with a long dark mustache. Then, when you finally get your hat back on, everything disappears and you find yourself wondering when something exciting will happen again.

Well, that dirty wind is about to blow through their old stomping grounds once again. The old crew — Dan Green, Kurt Peckler, Cary White and Jason Lampman — will hammer out a show at South Lake Tahoe’s Tep’s Villa Roma July 4. Though it’s been a while since Waiting for T.I.M. played, it’s fair to expect the throwback good times. But these boys have grown up. Lake Tahoe Action caught up with bassist Kurt Peckler.

Lake Tahoe Action: What is the occasion?

Kurt Peckler: The occasion is just to get back with good long-term friends and do what we love to do best. And that’s playing music. When we do these shows, it goes beyond just us getting together and playing. People come out from the old Waiting for T.I.M. family. They just come out from the woodwork and it’s so good to see them. It’s always a good time.

What are you doing right now?

I’m up in Portland, playing some music and living the good life. Jason Lampman is up there and he has some projects going on. Dan Green has returned to the homeland of Lake Tahoe, also doing music. Carry White is coming back from a national tour. He’s playing with Infected Mushroom right now.

Can we expect to see animal costumes?

I think that was another realm. But surprises there will be many.

When is the last time you played a show together?

I don’t think we were able to get together last summer, so it’s been two years now.

You guys have all had tremendous life experiences lately. What is coming up for you Kurt Peckler?

I’m about embark on another great adventure, but I won’t be alone this time. I’m going to get married.

Musically, what’s going on? Were you working for a production company?

Not so much any more. I’ve been floating around. We actually have another show on July 6 too. Black Star Safari will be opening up for Groovebox. It’s a Dan Green project and hopefully the new Waiting for T.I.M. of South Lake.

Do you ever think back to the good old times and just do a little dance?

I think what we did and when we did was really great and lots of fun. There’s a lot of music in Tahoe. It seems a lot of music venues started popping up. I think Tahoe is a great place to not only live, but to have adventures in and to be a musician in. We just played and people showed up.

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