Freaker’s Ball Survival Guide: How to navigate MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa’s 38th annual Halloween party |

Freaker’s Ball Survival Guide: How to navigate MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa’s 38th annual Halloween party

Laura Van Antwerp
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Freaker's Ball is three parties in one. MontBleu's Opal, Blu Night Club and the Convention Center will each be themed after a different season of American Horror Story.
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If you go ...

What: 38th Annual Freaker’s Ball

When: Saturday, Oct. 29, 8 p.m.

Where: MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa

Tickets: $35-$40


Zombies, goblins and scantily clad nuns — rejoice! Freaker’s Ball, Lake Tahoe’s oldest and most elaborate Halloween party, is back for another year of haunted debauchery. The celebration will take place inside MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29. There will be three parties hosted inside Opal, Blu Night Club and the Convention Center, each one themed after a different season of American Horror Story. Go-go dancers will be gyrating, DJs will be spinning, and $10,000 in cash and prizes will be doled out to the most creative costumes in the crop.

So what do you need to know about making it through this epic party? We’ve assembled a guide to help you survive the freakiest night of the year.

Don’t be shy; let your freak flag fly

At Freaker’s Ball, the weirder, scarier, more provocative the costume, the better. Your mom won’t be there, so why hold back? If your ensemble lacks ostentation, make up for it with a healthy dose of wit. Clever costumes make fantastic conversation starters (refer to last-minute costume suggestions below).

If you’re leaning toward a simple concept, bring your idea to life with elaborate execution. A simple cat becomes a lioness when you add intricate face paint and wild mane. As far as coverage goes, less is more at Freaker’s Ball! On a scale of one to 10, take that shock factor to an eleven. Revel — really revel — in the one and only night when you can take your risqué ways to the street and not raise an eyebrow.

Bring friends

Show up with a reliable posse of freaks and geeks who can be trusted to moderate your decisions throughout the evening. Who else will tell you when you’ve had too much to drink or that your junk is about to take center stage? Having friends in tow will also ensure you’ll have someone to take photos with and upload immediately to social media. Remember to use #TahoeSnaps! Most importantly, you will have your crew with whom to reflect upon the evening’s shenanigans. Nothing brings on the laughs like exchanging fond memories of Halloween insanity.


For about seven hours straight you’ll be dancing, drinking and bouncing between the three parties across MontBleu. Keep that sexy bod of yours fueled with the essence of life: water. People tend to forget to hydrate while caught up in the party. Avoid this by ordering a ‘Blue Dolphin’ between cocktails. It will help you sustain lucidity and energy levels throughout the evening. Also, you’ll want to wake up fresh-faced.

Don’t go home with them before the mask comes off

It’s the age-old Halloween faux pas. Giant walking pineapple meets Batman. Pineapple falls in love with Batman. Batman takes pineapple home. Batman removes mask to reveal — oh no — it’s that annoying guy from your English 101 course! Don’t make this mistake. Inspect the goods before you take them home to avoid awkward goodbyes down the line.

Stash cash somewhere safe

If your costume is such that it would make Adam and Eve appear prude, then you may be challenged with finding somewhere to stash your essentials. Loincloths and pasties do not make reliable wallets. Have a friend help you tote your items or find a creative way to camouflage a carry pouch on your person. If you’re a cardboard robot, consider constructing an interior slot for these items. In this case, think inside the box (pun semi-intended). Shoes, cleavage and fanny packs also make great storage units. Think ahead and think creatively.

Don’t be a goober, take an Uber

Unless you’re dressed as Aladdin and have managed to acquire a magic flying carpet, you’re more than likely going to need some hot wheels to get to and from MontBleu. Opt to take Uber or a cab both ways to avoid traffic, parking and navigating back to your car in the morning. Think of it not as a splurge, but rather as an investment in your time, energy and peace of mind.

Book a room

If there’s one night a year that’s worth booking a room, this is it. Nearby accommodation not only removes the hassle of commuting, but also serves as a relief valve whenever you crave a brief respite from the Halloween madness. Also, nothing makes you look more hip than being able to say, “Yeah, we’ve got a room upstairs.” Especially while dressed like a vampire.

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