Callie’s Cabin: Catch a fish bagel whopper |

Callie’s Cabin: Catch a fish bagel whopper

Cal Orey
Special to the Tribune
Bagel sandwich with avocado salmon and cream cheese. Getty Images

Recently, I’ve been more reclusive than normal and it seems some folks have noticed my hermit-ish indoor lifestyle. Well, yeah, I’ve haven’t been swimming, gambling, hiking, or walking the dog on blissful treks. But the deal is, I’m not afraid of going out into the Great Outdoors. That’s not it.

The other day, I walked off the cabin deck and out into the yard (yeah, I did it). I called out to a neighbor, “Hey, it’s Cal. Remember me? I heard that some folks think I should be outside more than less. Well, I’ve been around, sort of. Actually, in my imagination I’ve been to the North Pole, and South Pole. Then, this week I’m back to New York. And in May it’s ‘Down Under’ to Australia.” An awkward silence filled the air.

Not many people know that I’m busy at work inside the cabin. Lately, I’ve been ghostwriting novels, including a variety of super exciting genres. And, in between the long hours at the keyboard, I’ve promoted my new book, Herbs & Spices, which covered my Huffington Post interview from the cabin…and days later it was picked up by the American Global News, NYC Daily Post, and New York Daily. And, there is the Series … Oh, I was on Coast to Coast AM a week ago forecasting the next California earthquake.

What’s more, I’ve been eating, too. Pairing fish with vegetables, heart-healthy whole grains can help keep you satisfied, as well as helps you to maintain a lean body. So, tuna and/or salmon — the good stuff — is on my menu this week. And the home fries? Ah, they are something to write home about. This fish burger is inspired by my out of mind travels and brought to you to enjoy.

Fish Bagel Whopper

6-8 ounces premium tuna, solid white albacore in water, drained (or fresh tuna or salmon, baked

for about 20 minutes drizzled with lemon juice, butter, pepper to your taste)

2 tablespoons mayonnaise infused with olive oil

2 whole grain gourmet bagels

1 tablespoon each olive oil and European style butter

1 clove garlic, fresh, minced

2 tablespoon mayonnaise infused with olive oil

½ cup baby spinach, raw

1 tomato, sliced

Slices of red onion to taste

Sprigs of basil or thyme to taste, fresh preferred

Dash of black pepper

In a bowl combine tuna and mayo. Set aside. Slice bagels in half. Brush with oil and butter. Rub garlic on bagel. Toast in oven until golden brown. Remove. Top bagel halves with tuna, spinach, tomato, onion, basil or thyme, and pepper. Add gourmet cheese of your choice if preferred. Put back in oven or under broiler (also in microwave) to heat. Serves 2.

Add homemade thick fries. Use two or three Russet or sweet potatoes. Rinse with water, slice into nice wedges. Place on baking sheet. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons European style butter. Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Bake at 375 degrees for approximately 30 minutes or until crispy. Top with parsley (fresh or dried).

So, while I’d love tell you I just returned from Fairbanks and share awesome photos of me catching a fish and the blue and green northern lights — please wait. In real life, I’ve been hunkering down in the cabin on the South Shore, enjoying cozy comforts of home. I do take breaks to whip up eats, like a bagel whopper and go back to work to create whopping tales.

Cal Orey, M.A. Is an author and journalist. Her books include the Healing Powers Series (Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, Coffee, Tea, Superfoods, Essential Oils, Herbs and Spices) published by Kensington. (The collection has been featured by the Good Cook Book Club.) Her website is

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