Daylight saving time is here: What to do with the extra hour of light |

Daylight saving time is here: What to do with the extra hour of light

Autumn Whitney
With an extra hour of daylight, you'll finally be able to watch the sun set over Lake Tahoe after work.
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This weekend the clock on your microwave will finally be right again. That’s correct — daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, so keep that in mind and avoid being a hour late to everything you have planned (remember: We spring forward this go around).

In honor of the practice — which dates back to the late 1700s and is attributed to Benjamin Franklin — we’ve assembled a list of things you can do with that extra hour of daylight (if the weather isn’t stormy, we might see the sun until 7 p.m. now!).

1. Get on the paddleboard

It’s still possible to access the water from some areas around the lake, but be sure to bundle up if you do this — 40-degree temperatures are certainly balmy for locals, but still pretty cold to go swimming in frigid waters. Grab your board and enjoy a nice paddle to calm down after a stressful day.

2. Go for a hike

With that extra hour of daylight, you’re going to have enough time after work for a short hike (or at least a stroll around the neighborhood). After all the heavy snow we’ve seen this winter, you might want to strap on some snowshoes while you’re at it.

3. Read a book

Yes, technically this is something you can do when it’s dark outside, but I’m talking about reading somewhere you can take in Tahoe’s scenery. Anyone who enjoys a good book knows that being outside adds to the whole experience — the tranquility of nature puts you at ease when you have your nose in a well-written story.

4. Grab drinks

Again, it’s absolutely possible to do this no matter how sunny it is outside, but getting off work to sunny skies and heading down to a waterfront bar definitely beats a pitch-black 4 p.m. happy hour. Look out over Tahoe’s many colors and sip your poison of choice to wind down after a long day.

5. Experience the Sunset

You’ll finally be able to watch the sun set from a place other than your minimally windowed office cubicle. Instead of peering through the blinds (which somehow got stuck in a closed position), you’re going to have enough daylight after being on the job to walk, hike or paddle somewhere you can actually take in the sight.

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