Drink of the Week: Fumo’s Kings Beach Espresso

This week’s featured drink is Fumo’s Kings Beach Espresso.
Robert Galloway/Tahoe Daily Tribune

In our Drink of the Week segment, we’ll showcase one unique type of beer, wine, cocktail — you name it — to try at one of the countless breweries, bars and restaurants from around the basin.

When people say that you eat with your eyes first, why don’t they ever include drinks in there? It’s basically the same thing, but they obviously don’t know that cocktails have feelings, too. Case in point is this week’s drink.

When it hits your table one of the first things you notice is the melted candy nest holding espresso beans, perched over cinnamon dusted goodness – a foreshadowing of the good things to come. Now if you want to go to down and drop those beans in your mouth, then by all means giddyup, because once you have that first drink, you are in for a ride no matter what.

Once your tray table is up and your seat belt fastened, this drink is ready for blast off. It’s flavor friends consist of Baileys Irish cream, vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and amaretto liqueur. If that sounds like a lot of alcohol about ready to be taken down, I applaud your powers of observation – but yes, you’re right.

Even with all of that going on, and the distinct flavors each of them bring, its not boozy overload. In fact, they all compliment each other so well that it takes on more of the properties of a drink you’d find at a coffee shop rather than a bar. That’s where the genius comes in, though.

You get all the familiar flavors of coffee, vanilla, and almonds combined with a creamy sweetness that you forget you’re drinking a cocktail. Well, almost. I don’t want to make you think you can’t taste the alcohol at all. You definitely can. But given the familiarity with the flavors, your taste buds tend to lean into them and let experience kick in which allows the spirits to dance in the background.

Just know in the end, that buzz you’re feeling isn’t from drinking a coffee. Unless you decided to take that espresso bean challenge, then you have two separate buzzes going — which could be a great way to start the night. Cheers!

Fumo is located at 120 Country Club Dr. No. 61 in Incline Village. For drink and food menu visit them online at or by phone at 775-833-2200.

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