EAT This Week: Azul Latin Kitchen’s Thai Curry Taco

This week’s featured dish is Azul Latin Kitchen’s Thai Curry Taco.
Robert Galloway/Tahoe Daily Tribune

To try and decide each week where and what to eat around the basin can be a challenge — there are so many amazing choices. In this feature we’ll dive into dishes that will surely satisfy those hunger pangs and leave you wondering where to go next.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a taco I didn’t like. If there was, I’ve had so many great options that they have definitely pushed any bad experiences to a black hole in my brain and I’ve forgotten.

This week’s feature, Azul’s Thai Curry Taco, is a unique experience unto itself. You’re not going to find anything quite like it in the basin — which makes it even that much more special. It’s also been on the menu since they opened, so you know it has street cred.

Let’s start with the tortilla. Whether you’re team flour or team corn, doesn’t matter, you can unite and form a super team. That’s because this tortilla is a special blend of both, adding to its uniqueness.

Sitting atop this throne is Malaysian-Thai curry roasted chicken, candied jalapenos, pickled mango, and freshly chopped cilantro. Lime wedges are there to brighten everything up, but even without the limes, this taco packs in so much flavor you’d think it was ready to hike the entire Tahoe Rim Trail.

I should mention that this taco is part of Azul’s choose your own adventure taco plate. You can mix and match different types of tacos or just order three of these because after you inhale the first one, you’re going to want a second.

You get a little bit of heat from the curry, but it’s not going to blow your hair back. It’s mellowed out by the sweetness from the mango and the candied jalapeno dances on both sides of the room with the cilantro putting the finishing touches on the freshness.

If you still can’t picture how these flavors blend together, just know its distinctive flavors are what keep everything on balance. It’s juicy, but well rounded with the tortilla holding it all together through each and every bite.

You could literally throw anything together and put it in a taco and I’ll dive in with both shoes still on. But, when you get something as delicious as this, it makes that dive so much more refreshing.

AzulLatin Kitchen is located at 1001 Heavenly Village Way in South Lake Tahoe. For food and drink menu information visit them online at or give them a call at 530-541-2985.

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