EAT This week: Getaway Café’s Chilaquiles |

EAT This week: Getaway Café’s Chilaquiles

This week’s featured EAT dish is Getaway Café’s Chilaquiles.
Robert Galloway/Tahoe Daily Tribune

To try and decide each week where and what to eat around the basin can be a challenge — there are so many amazing choices. In this feature we’ll dive into dishes that will surely satisfy those hunger pangs and leave you wondering where to go next.

If I had to rank my all time favorite Mexican dishes, it’s hard not to put tacos at the top of the list — they’re just so versatile and wonderful. But, if any dish was going to give them a run for their money, in my opinion, it’s this week’s feature.

Chilaquiles (pronounced chee-la-key-lays) is a breakfast dish that can rev up your morning no matter what side of the bed you wake up on — especially if the night before brought in one too many cervezas. At the Getaway Café, this is also one of their most popular, so somebody’s doing something right.

That something starts with fresh corn tortillas that are fried and then sautéed in their scratch made salsa with crushed red chiles. They are topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, avocado, and red onion, then served with a side of refried beans and two eggs. And if you’re going to go for the gusto, you might as well add chorizo and dive in headfirst. Besides, I can’t think of too many things that aren’t better by adding chorizo.

At its core, chilaquiles are like more sophisticated nachos. The flavors run deeper and its character is more defined. You don’t have to worry about having a chip that has inferior covering because with chilaquiles, every bite is draped in that glorious salsa and when you get it with the chorizo, the spiciness really shines through — but not in a dragon fire burn your mouth kind of way — more like Kramer coming through the door in a “Seinfeld” episode and announcing its presence.

If you ever need to back off the spice, the avocado and the sour cream are right there as life preservers. They provide a delicate creaminess to the more aggressive chorizo and salsa giving a great balance of flavor.

If you want to go full animal style and mix in the eggs and beans, I won’t judge. I may just play along. Actually, that is what I did. It was no less delicious.

The Getaway Café is located at 3140 Highway 50 in Meyers. For complete menu offering and general information visit them online at or give them a call at 530-577-5132.

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