Magic Fusion expands its scope with magician Jonathan Neal |

Magic Fusion expands its scope with magician Jonathan Neal

Stage Magician of the Year from Hollywood’s Famous Magic Castle is currently performing at The Loft in Heavenly Village. Jonathan agreed to share a few moments with us, prior to his debut last Thursday.

Q: Hello Jonathan, what are you bringing to the format at The Loft that we haven’t seen since the venue opened in 2016?

Jonathan: Well, the great thing that has happened since this show opened, is that visitors and residents of Tahoe get to see top flight magic with a variety of styles. Some of the performers emphasize close-up magic, some are more comedic… and so on. In my case, I think what we offer is a high energy, musical, and very theatrical presentation.


Q: OK, fair enough, but I’ve seen that theatre, and with only 107 seats, there isn’t a bad seat in the room… that stage is small! How do you do it?

Jonathan: Are you asking how I do the magic? I hope not!


Q: No, the question is how do you fit a 70 or 75 minute stage show into that space? It sounds impossible!

Jonathan: Well, no one said it was easy! But I’ve been doing this a long time and over the course of the years you learn to adapt, be flexible… and try not to run into the curtains! Seriously, what we do… and I use the word ‘we’ because as another ‘first’ for this show lounge, it is a two person act. I am working with my partner and wife, Liane! Anyway, we have learned how to get the most out of the least. More entertainment and fewer props. And by using music as we do, it allows us to take the magic into different theatrical directions.


Q: So what is your background and how does it differ from most magicians?

Jonathan: I have been doing magic since the age of nine, so in that way I am similar to most magicians… start young and get good as fast as you can. But I see magic as a technique to serve a broader goal… not just to fool people, but rather to involve them on an emotional level. This is probably because I was a ‘theatre geek’ as a kid and studied Acting, Dance, and all those skills that are necessary for a life in showbiz.


Q: Well this has been great, Jonathan… do you have any thing you want to say to our readers?

Jonathan: Sure, this is our first time back in Tahoe since around 2008, so we don’t get here as often as we would like, please come and catch us while we are here… only until September 19th!

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