PHOTOS: Janet Jackson performs at Lake Tahoe |

PHOTOS: Janet Jackson performs at Lake Tahoe


She’s got hits … a lot of them. This was the theme of the evening as Janet Jackson took the stage Friday at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena.

The stop was part of her eighth concert tour titled the “State of the World Tour” — a continuation of the “Unbreakable” tour that was postponed in 2016 due to the singer’s pregnancy.

Jackson transformed the outdoor venue into a ’90s dance club with hit after familiar hit performed in front of blinding strobe lights.

Before taking the stage, her DJ primed the crowd with platinum dance singles from R&B’s golden age, many of which were her own.

By the time Jackson appeared the audience was in full dance mode. They didn’t realize they had just signed up for a two-hour aerobic workout set to a Janet Jackson mixtape.

The queen of pop had fans on their feet the entire evening, while she performed in front of a massive LED screen, along with her posse of “diverse” backup dancers.

The LED depicted images from music videos (past and present), as well as moments with her father and her brother, Michael.  At one point her and Michael performed their duet “Scream” with Janet’s part performed live, and Michael’s performed on the big screen.

Jackson deftly managed to keep the crowd entertained, while interjecting songs and imagery that addressed racism, domestic violence, white supremacy and police brutality.

At times the subject matter seemed deeply personal and her emotions — palpable.

The evening concluded with anticipated encores, as Jackson left the stage with her trademark smile and that familiar gleam in her eye; clear signals that she’s enjoying her return to the limelight.