Cold Water Brewery chef wins Sample the Sierra Chef Challenge |

Cold Water Brewery chef wins Sample the Sierra Chef Challenge

Patrick Harrity

After three intense rounds of cooking, Patrick Harrity, executive chef of Cold Water Brewery and Grill, won the Sierra Chef Challenge at the eighth annual Sample the Sierra festival Saturday.

Harrity was one of four local chefs who competed in the event.

Leading up to Sample the Sierra, the Tribune asked him to share some insights on his go-to ingredients, favorite foods and more.

1. Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Brentwood California, a small town in the Bay Area.

2. How would your best customer describe your food?

California comfort is what we are striving for.  Bright, colorful, rustic dishes made with fresh and local ingredients. I try to pull inspiration from different cultures and cuisines to create food that appeals to everyone.

3. What’s your favorite ingredient/flavor this season?

I have been playing around a lot with pickled stone fruit this season.  The pickling process brings out layers of flavors that you don’t get from the fresh fruit.

4. Where do you like to dine out locally when you’re not working?

Sprouts is always one of my go to’s as well as Lotus Pho and Downtown Cafe.

5. What food do you see trending right now?

Its interesting to see wide variety of leafy greens people are cooking with this season.  It’s not just kale anymore, restaurants are now taking advantage of other leafy greens like carrot tops, kohlrabi greens, and swiss chard.

6. Is there an ingredient or particular flavor that you disliked as a child that you love cooking with now?

I wasn’t a huge fan of onions growing up but I couldn’t imagine cooking without them now.

7. What’s your favorite comfort food (not necessarily on your menu)?

Nothing warms me up or relaxes me as much as a big bowl of pho.  The spicier the better.

8. If you could choose, what would be your last meal on earth?

Sushi… tables full of sushi.

9. What do you love about food?

I love how food brings people together.  Whether its a group of friends or your extended family, food is the perfect excuse to get together.

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