Seven tips to have fun with tennis at Lake Tahoe |

Seven tips to have fun with tennis at Lake Tahoe

Serena Quarelli
Special to the Tribune
Remember to smile on the court at the Incline Village Tennis Center and you'll have more fun and likely play better.
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INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — As Jon Cooper of the Lake Tahoe School would say, “If you had fun, you won!”

Why do we play tennis or any sport? Some play for exercise, some love to compete, some love to be athletic and be able to “play well,” some love the social aspect of sports, and some play just for fun.

But if you have played tennis in tournaments, a USTA league, or even just at social events, you might have had some “not so fun” moments.

Bad line calls are the most common cause of frustration, though testy opponents or just having a bad day on the court can make the experience unpleasant.

So what to do?

1: Breathe … and let go. Having a bad day? A bad line call? Sometimes you just have to breathe and let it go. Walk to the back fence, relax and move on. A simple strategy, but it requires practice.

2: Don’t compare yourself with others and their play. (This is a good one for the kids.) Do the best you can on any given day and you’re doing great.

3: Opponent behaving badly? In completion you might need to get a linesman to keep yourself on an even keel and having fun. Most of the time though, in a social setting, we have to let others’ behaviors go or go talk to your pro and have them help you with the situation.

4: Remind yourself about all of the wonderful things that are happening: You are outside and exercising; you are in Tahoe; you are upright and moving.

5: Don’t lose your sense of humor. Remember it is just a game, and you are not your tennis game.

6: Remember kindness over all — kind words to yourself, your partner and even to your opponent.

7: And if you are playing badly, go sign up for a lesson with your Tennis Pro. We work hard to make sure our lessons are always fun.

See you on the courts!

Serena Quarelli is the Director of Tennis & Teaching Pro for the Incline Village Tennis Center. For more information on tennis programs or to sign up for a lesson, please see or call 775-832-1235.

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