Dental implants: Bringing new life to a dead tooth |

Dental implants: Bringing new life to a dead tooth

John Bocchi
John Bocchi

Things get spooky this month and the Sierra Smiles Tahoe dental team wants you to know that living with a dead tooth can be a thing of the past thanks to dental implants.

Implant Magic

The curative power of a dental implant is magical. Not only can an implant make a smile look whole again, it restores function. The implant post, made of titanium, mimics your tooth root helping to prevent bone loss. Implants are anchored to the bone, creating a solid foundation for a porcelain crown, bridge or even dentures.

Beware of the Bite

When a tooth isn’t operating to its full capacity, surrounding teeth may suffer because they’ve got to pick up the extra slack from everyday use. Some people chew on only one side of their mouth, causing an imbalanced bite. This is where the titanium posts are helpful.

Titanium Has:

Super Strength – Titanium is a silver transition metal with low density and high corrosion-resistant strength.

High Acceptability – It turns out our bodies are highly likely to welcome the titanium post and integrate it neatly within the jaw bone.

After the post is set, a porcelain dental crown can be custom created and then placed. The crown is strong, looks natural, and is very good at restoring your full bite.

Goodbye Bad Teeth. Hello, Implants!

Are you missing teeth? Do you have a tooth that’s harming or hurting your smile? You’re not alone. Sierra Smiles Tahoe is always available to speak with you about the possibility of dental implants.

Together we can decide whether an implant is a good choice. It’s a great way to lessen the chances of gum disease, boost confidence and improve speech. Ask us how implants can help you!

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