How to achieve the optimal health you want |

How to achieve the optimal health you want

Adriana Covell

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Adriana Covell, CN, HHP is a certified Health Coach and Nancy Laurenson, MSc. NBC-HWC is a national board certified Health and Wellness Coach. Both offer health coaching services at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness. For questions or to schedule a free discovery session, call 530-539-6620 or visit “Your Wellness” at

The new year is almost here. Are you ready to make some new choices for your health? Do you struggle with how to make a change or are unsure how to do it for the long term? For more than a temporary fix, Health Coaching may be your answer.

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a partnership between a health coach and participant that focuses on the participant’s self-directed learning and is grounded in self-awareness, personal values, recognition of strengths, optimism, choice, and self-responsibility. A health coach helps the participant gain motivation and adopt long-term behavioral changes to achieve optimal health.

How can Health Coaching help me?

A health coach meets you where you are. Together, you identify areas in your life that you want to change or improve, and your health coach guides you in creating a plan to get there. A key focus is supporting your discovery of what is important and how your unique self might contribute more to the world. This helps give you a greater sense of meaning.

Who is Health Coaching for?

Health coaching is for the person who wants a jump start or is dealing with a new health diagnosis or a chronic disease. It may also be a good fit if you want to “get in better shape” or “lose a few pounds.” A health coach helps with motivation, inspiration, and accountability to identify focus areas for change, develop an achievable action plan, and work toward and maintain goals.

What does an action plan look like?

Health coaching helps an you identify and address obstacles while developing a series of small steps that are discrete and achievable. For example, if the goal is to better manage stress, an action plan might first include becoming aware of triggers or stressors, before developing ways to manage stress. Action plans are the steps taken to achieve self-identified goals.

How is Health Coaching different from anything else?

The foundation of health coaching is a holistic approach that explores your physical, emotional and mental state of being. The focus is on the root cause and the interplay between the four pillars of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sense of purpose in achieving your goals. You develop long-term behavioral changes that will create a healthier lifestyle and enhance overall quality of life.

How can I find a Health Coach?

Certified health coaches are available in South Lake Tahoe at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness. Consider signing up for a free discovery session to see if health coaching is a good fit for you.

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