Healthy Tahoe: Know your yoga poses |

Healthy Tahoe: Know your yoga poses

Lorilyn Haubrich

Tadasana, also called Samasthiti or Mountain Pose, is a strong, active, standing pose.

Consider the strength, stability and beauty of our great mountain, Mount Tallac. It is perfectly balanced between earth and sky, it is rooted deep into the earth while reaching majestically toward the heavens.

In yoga, the practice of standing poses brings vigor, health and stability to the body and positivity and peace to the mind and soul. Mountain Pose teaches you to stand equally on both feet with firmness, conviction and balanced grace. It brings good posture, strength, balance, steadiness, a toned cardiovascular system and a bright outlook on life.

How To:

Stand with your arms at your sides, feet hip distance wide and toes facing forward. Shift weight back to heels. Press inner and outer heels down. Stretch toes forward and press the base of the big toes and the little toes down. Set tips of toes gently down. Weight all four points of your feet equally.

Firm thighs, tighten and lift kneecaps, firm hips, and draw abdominal muscles in and slightly up.

Keep chest and sternum bone moving forward and lifting. Make sure ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears are stacked in line.

Stretch spine up and gaze straight ahead with soft eyes and relaxed jaw and tongue.

Balance equally on all four corners of both feet without swaying or shifting.

Standing very still, take 5 deep, smooth, full breaths, expanding the ribcage all the way around. Keep the abdomen tight. Move the inhalation into the lower lungs/ribs first and expand ribcage from base to top. Exhale from top lungs/ribs first, the move exhalation down the ribcage.

For more information, please contact Lorilyn Haubrich, RYT, at, or call 530-307-1005. Yoga Tahoe is a joint venture partner with Supported By Angels Center for Holistic Healing.

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