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Maya Prenatal Massage

Maya Prenatal Massage has a heritage that encompasses a legacy of healing and nurturing knowledge handed down from generation to generation of midwives and traditional healers in Central America. Every Maya technique facilitates a comfortable pregnancy and optimal birthing journey for mother and baby. The Maya technique of abdominal massage is a well-researched, highly-effective ancient therapy reintroduced to modern practitioners around the world by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

Arvigo Therapy can be beneficial for almost everyone. It aims to treat a wide array of reproductive and gastrointestinal complaints as practitioners focus on the abdomen, lower back and hips to trigger deep healing for all of the body’s systems. It can alleviate low back pain, symptoms of indigestion, help women with painful cycles, and much more.

What is most astonishing, however, are the benefits experienced by expectant mothers. Practitioners work gently around the pregnant woman’s growing uterus, her hips, and lower back to support the physical changes experienced by women during pregnancy.

This gentle, non-invasive massage helps support mother and baby by balancing and creating space in the womb. It compassionately guides abdominal organs into their proper position to enhance organ function and normalize pelvic alignment, allowing the uterus to guide itself into the optimal position within the pelvis naturally.

As the baby and uterus grow, uterine and pelvic ligaments, as well as pelvic floor muscles, experience additional strain. With regular Maya Abdominal Massage, the uterus stays well-positioned and receives optimal blood supply, so both baby and uterus grow strong and resilient. Maya Prenatal Massage on the upper abdomen above the uterine fundus (the top of the uterus) can also bring relief to expectant mothers who suffer from common pregnancy complaints such as heartburn, sluggish bowels, difficulty breathing, etc.

Many women begin pregnancy with a “tilted” uterus. This slight imbalance may not have previously caused discomfort but as the uterus and baby grow, it may cause distress such as low back pain, swelling in one or both legs, and more. A growing baby may also be affected by having less space in the womb to move around.

As the estimated due date approaches and baby begins to move into the optimal birthing position, baby needs ample space to move his or her head down and backward for the ideal delivery. Babies come anyway they want when they are ready: giving them the space they need to navigate to this position helps through the transition of labor. If the baby has the space to move freely through the womb and pelvis, their delivery process will naturally go smoother.

A lot is happening with a mother’s organs as the womb grows. The organs shift and move against the diaphragm and into to the rib cage which widens to accommodate the increasing size of the womb and pressure against all that surrounds it.

Restrictions in the tissue can cause discomfort as organs, ligaments and bones reposition to accommodate the womb. Skilled massage over these areas help alleviate these common pregnancy stressors, increase absorption of nutrients, improve digestion, and reduce nausea and heartburn. Maya Abdominal Massage for the lower back and hips during pregnancy not only reduces muscle tension, but it also restores balance to overstretched muscles and ligaments.

Uterine ligaments often grow from 3 to 18 inches during pregnancy. One of these vital ligaments is called the uterosacral ligament. It attaches directly to the spine and is often a significant source of discomfort as the womb grows. Healthy circulation to this area greatly benefits both mother and baby and intentionally working over the affected areas helps to strengthen the ligaments and greatly decreases discomfort.

Working with the sacrum and the hips can ease discomfort and improve vital blood flow to the area: healthy circulation to this area greatly benefits both mother and baby. Practitioners work to improve sacral mobility and position to facilitate an efficient birth which creates a much more pleasant journey for Mama and Baby.

To receive optimum benefits from the Maya Prenatal Technique, begin as soon as possible during pregnancy to provide you and your baby with the maximum benefits these sessions offer. Most expectant mothers find six to nine prenatal sessions and a six week postpartum session to be optimal.

To book a Maya Prenatal Massage, contact Elevate Wellness for the ultimate pregnancy and birthing journey. Special pre-and-postnatal packages are available.

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