Realistic fitness goals for the year |

Realistic fitness goals for the year

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Kait Hemphill

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions are too far out of reach, making them out of sight and out of mind. Looking for some realistic fitness goals? Consider the following advice from three Tahoe Fit coaches.

Kristi Jouet: Be Patient with Yourself

Fitness goals can be tricky to adhere to if not set with reasonable expectations of yourself. When constructing your realistic goal, it’s important to consider your current fitness level, timeframe you wish to reach your goal and how you will reach your goal.

Recognizing your current level of fitness will help you avoid burnout or injury from doing too much too soon. Be patient with yourself! Making a commitment to achieve your goal requires planning a manageable schedule with all of life’s other commitments to avoid that overwhelming feeling that can lead to frustration and drop-out.

How will you achieve your goal? A few important things to consider are what type of training your goal will require, type of equipment you will need and where you will train. Anything worth achieving will require time and patience!

Kait Hemphill: Create Motivation and Practice Grace

With any fitness goals, it is important to remember that fitness is a discipline. There will be days you may not want to exercise. Self-motivation starts the journey, but relying on self-motivation to accomplish fitness goals is unrealistic. What would it look like to create motivation for you? Reward yourself for the small victories!

Have you ever missed a workout, felt guilty and then jammed two-a-days into your calendar the rest of the week? We’ve all done it! We are human. Life happens, you miss a work out, eat something you regret or sleep through the alarm. Instead of going into “fix it” mode and cramming your already busy schedule with an impossible workload, try approaching yourself with grace! Go back to the plan you created originally and ask yourself, “Is this current time commitment right for me?” Expect a certain level of variance with your workload. Life is ever-changing and it’s OK to re-evaluate.

Megan Waskiewicz: Make Goals for Life

As you move through the process of goal setting, keep it simple. It’s not necessary to set goals just for the new year, but think of goals as life practices.

Start with setting a goal to move every day. Then, find a friend or accountability partner and commit to taking just three classes a week (or your realistic number). Verbalize your commitment, write down the commitment, and schedule the time into your calendar. Celebrate daily movement and successes.

The same holds true for nutrition. Think of your “diet” as eating for life. Rejoice – and enjoy – all the amazing foods you can eat. Make a simple nutrition plan and keep it clean. Fill your plate with color and think about eating whole and fresh foods.

Celebrate your successes. Enjoy movement, enjoy food and enjoy your health.

Tahoe Fit at Barton Health offers a comprehensive selection of fitness classes, designed for all fitness levels. Try a week free or sign up for a monthly membership. Visit for current details or call 530-543-5549.

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