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Tamsin Edwards

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Tamsin Edwards is the office and operations manager at Elevate Wellness Center ( Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for information on events held at Elevate. Call us at 530-541-9355 for appointments and information.

Back in early 2017, it was predicted that one of the essential wellness trends to watch would be the development of women-focused social spaces and communal gathering areas. Coincidently, this was around the time we were opening our new center at the Crossing!

It has now been one year since we opened and while Elevate is by no means a “women only” space (We welcome everyone!), we are a unique center created by a woman (our CEO, Melinda), and occupied by women practitioners. One of our main aims (aside from creating a space to access alternative medicine, holistic and traditional treatments, and herbal and Chinese remedies to the residents of the lake), is to provide an inviting place for community to come together, to learn and share ideas, to create conversation around health-related topics and to nurture a sense of importance around the subject of wellness.

We provide a “communi- tea” bar, regular TEA (time, energy and attention) parties on varying subjects, and host weekly or monthly meet-ups for local community support groups.

This Thursday, March 8, marks International Women’s Day and in honor of that we wanted to share with you why it’s more important than ever that women support other women through the creation of safe spaces and facilitation of open, honest conversation.

The need for women (and indeed everyone) to locate a nourishing and nurturing space amongst other humans is paramount in this over stimulated, screen orientated, digital age.

The history of women coming together is not new by any means. This has been happening ritualistically for centuries. The W.I as we know it originated in Canada in 1897, before being adopted by the British in 1915. Its original aim was to encourage women to involve themselves in producing food during World War I, and to help revitalize rural communities.

In more recent times, you may have heard of women’s circles, or the Red Tent Movement. Happening internationally, these are gatherings of women around the time of the full moon in a sacred, safe space, with the aim of giving and seeking support from one another. Momentum for this movement is building once again “as a modern way to maintain well-being, to share experiences, connect with other women, and gain insight and tools into the issues we’re collectively facing on a large scale, but also on a personal one as well,” writes Lindsay Kellner, senior wellness and beauty editor at mindbodygreen.

The need for women (and indeed everyone) to locate a nourishing and nurturing space amongst other humans is paramount in this over stimulated, screen orientated, digital age. We’re in need of collective support and real, analog connection with one another. It’s healing to know that you’re not alone when facing a challenge, like becoming a new mother, facing an illness, struggling with an unexpected life change or more.

The uncertainty that surrounds us in the world right now can leave us feeling vulnerable and isolated. Social media often serves to exacerbate this as we’re invited to peer into the lives of women who seemingly have-it-all, when we might feel lost and confused by which path to take.

The implementation of women-run spaces all over the country, and the world, is showing how collectively we can empower, teach and inspire one another in our multi-faceted endeavors through difficult life challenges.

Access to informal workshops and events where attendees can reap advice from trained professionals, and be a part of active, shared discussion is something we aim to offer regularly at Elevate. And we’re not the only ones. All over the country, events are popping up at yoga studios, meditation centers, after hours in coffee shops and private houses. The beauty of creating these spaces is that they differ from a casual meet up or dinner with friends, where alcohol is often involved, talk can turn into gossip and where we often take on the needs of others, without wishing to burden them with the weight of ours.

Turning up to a place where you are invited to speak and listen, reflect on and equally share your thoughts, questions and concerns and most of all be present with an open mind can have a huge effect on a person’s sense of wellbeing, empowerment and connection with their fellow beings.

“We gather to support our journeys as women and what we’re standing up for. Our truth. Standing up together is a hell of a lot easier than standing up alone,” Paula Mallis, owner of WMN Space in Culver City, California, told Kellner.

This movement is only gathering momentum day by day. Here in Tahoe, we hope to play a significant part in helping provide a space where women can uplift one another by prioritizing their wellbeing in the company of others prioritizing theirs.

We all exist somewhere on a journey toward wellness, optimal mental and physical health, and we hope to create a center for you to share your story, develop your potential and feel supported in the company of other women.

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