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Types of tissue you can donate

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Surgeons use donated tissue to save and improve patients’ lives every day.
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The decision to become an organ donor is a selfless act that quite often saves lives. Many people sign up to be organ donors, but those same people may not know that they also can sign up to be tissue donors.

According to Donate Life America, one tissue donor can help more than 75 people heal.

Various types of tissue, including the following, can be donated.

Cornea: The cornea is the clear covering of the eye. The National Eye Institute notes that, unlike most other tissues in the body, the cornea does not contain blood vessels to provide nourishment or protection against infection. By donating their corneas, donors can help restore sight to people who lost theirs due to disease or injury.

Heart valves: Donate Life notes that, each year, more than 100,000 heart valve procedures are conducted to repair or replace diseased or defective heart valves. Heart valve transplants can help save the lives of children born with heart defects and adults whose heart valves have been damaged.

Skin: Every day burn victims benefit from donors who have chosen to donate their skin. Skin grafts treat people with serious burns by stopping infections and reducing scarring and pain. MTF Biologics also notes that donated skin tissue helps reconstruct the breasts of women following mastectomy procedures.

Bone: Doctors used donated bone tissue to treat patients with various diseases and ailments, include orthopedic cancers, spinal injuries, trauma, and damaged joints.

Tissue donations save and improve thousands of lives every day. People interested in becoming tissue donors can register at http://www.donatelife.net.

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