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15 Minutes: Focus on family for lifetime resident

Amanda Fehd

Dan Thrift / Tahoe Daily Tribune / Jill Miller has lived her entire life at the South Shore.

Jill Miller, 28, has lived here all her life. In May, she became a real estate agent with Dickson & McCall Realty. She says being the daughter of one of South Shore’s elected officials doesn’t bother her a bit.

Q: Is it hard to break into the real estate market here?

A: Because I’ve lived here my whole life, I think it’s easier for me. There’s a lot of competition for sure. I have a history here, I grew up playing on the streets of the Tahoe Keys.

Q: Why real estate?

A: My husband and I bought and sold four homes in the last 10 years, living in them and then flipping them because they gained in value. The first one was $112,000, and the last one just appraised at $839,000. I think I saw the opportunities in real estate.

Q: Where did you meet your husband Sean?

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A: We met at South Tahoe High. My husband’s the greatest; we were high school sweethearts. He played football with my twin bother, and he’s a twin too.

Q: What’s the bond created from being a twin?

A: It’s the most amazing thing, my brother and I are best friends. We are a very close as a family.

Q: What’s it like having your mom being the mayor?

A: She’s my mom, that’s it. I helped her on her campaign, but (Kathay Lovell’s) my mom, not the mayor, to me. That’s her job, that’s not who she is to me.

Q: Has it changed your life at all?

A: No. I’m so lucky to have my mom, she’s the second support system for my kids. If I need my mom and dad to watch my kids, they are always there. They make their vacations around my kids.

Q: What do you like about Tahoe?

A: Tahoe is the only place you can experience all four seasons. The summers make up for the long winters. And the community is like a family.

Q: What can people do to feel a sense of community here?

A: Get involved in something that you are interested in. I think you will see the family support in the community.

Q: What can people do if they didn’t get a house before the housing boom?

A: We host a first-time home buyers’ class with Vanguard Financial. You can do it. We’ll show you how to do it. The perception is the housing prices are so high, but there’s a way to do it. You do it and you build your equity. All you have to do is try. There’s programs with zero down and tons of first-time home buyer programs.

Q: Do you have a certain way you like to live life?

A: We focus all of our extra time on the kids. We are involved in all of their sports, Pop Warner football and Little League baseball. Our community is shaped around the children. Pop Warner football is a family. Sean is the head coach.

Q: How old are your boys?

A: Kyle is 9 and Jacob is 6.

Q: What inspired you to go for that kind of life?

A: Sean and I made a commitment that our children are our life. They are our focus when they are young. We want to build the same type of focus on morals that I got from my mom and dad. If you ask our kids if we are rich, they’ll say, ‘yes, because of our love and family.’

Q: Do you have philosophy in life?

A: My kids, my family, my husband, they teach me every day. About life.

Just to be able to be with my kids. They go to St. Theresa, so you have to volunteer a certain amount of hours, I think it’s great to be involved in everything they do. The real estate allows me to do that.

Q: Is there anything about you that people don’t know?

A: I love boxing. And Ultimate Fighting Challenge. It’s an art; how barbaric is that, I love it. We’re huge sports fans.