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15-Minutes — News director airs his own story

– Name: Jerry Hurwitz

– Profession: I am the news director for KOWL AM radio and KRLT FM radio stations in South Lake Tahoe and the program director for KOWL. I also host Talk of Tahoe, which airs Monday through Friday at 8:30 a.m.

– Marital status and family: I’ve been married for 28 years to Colleen. We have three children: Katie, Carrie, and Jake and three grandchildren.

– Birth place: Oct. 4, 1950, Los Angeles

– First job in broadcasting: I did an oldies show at KRLT in South Lake Tahoe for free. I begged them to give me a chance and they let me go on the air.

– I moved to Tahoe in 1977 because: I wanted out of the big city.

– What I like most about Tahoe: The people. They are friendly and nobody locks their door.

– My favorite radio disc jockey and broadcaster: The Real Don Steele. He was a DJ in Los Angeles that I listened to growing up in Los Angeles. My favorite broadcaster of all time would have to be Vin Scully, announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has been doing it for 50 years now. In LA, every kid grew up listening to Vin Scully, with a transistor radio under their pillows. He taught me everything I know about baseball.

– If I could ask Vin Scully one question it would be: Could I have a couple brewskies with you and maybe you could tell me some stories.

– My favorite music would have to be: 1960s rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a difference between rock music and rock ‘n’ roll. Anything Motown, the Beatles, Chuck Berry and Buffalo Springfield.

– My favorite musical artist of all times: Would have to be Chuck Berry because he started it all. Every guitar player owes money to Chuck Berry because they stole every lick in the world from him.

– My most memorable Talk of Tahoe interview: The last one was Tahoe Tribune Publisher Paul Middlebrook. A great guy. We got a lot of comments on that show. Of all time, though, it would have to be TV announcer Brent Musberger. It was right before Super Bowl XIX, back in 1984. The guys at the station told me they were setting up an interview between me and Brent Musberger. I thought they were pulling my leg. So the day comes, and, I go on the air and the guys tell me “Jerry, Brent Musberger’s on the line.” I picked up the phone and the first thing I heard was his voice, which I know very well and he said “Hi Jerry. This is Brent Musberger.” The first words out of my mouth were “no s—.” It was the first and only time I cussed on the air. After the show, I had to fill out a form to the FCC explaining the word “sh–” that was used on the air.

– Local radio is important in a market like South Lake Tahoe because: Because it’s local. There are a million places to find out if we are going to war with Iraq but there is only one place to go if there is something happening in town or to find out if school’s closed because it’s snowing. We’re big enough to carry ABC network news and Paul Harvey and small enough to do school lunch menus and lost dogs.

– The oldest thing in my refrigerator is: Some trout that my wife and daughter caught on a trip on the California coast. We have 15 pounds of trout that sooner or later someone will have to eat.

– Happiest moment: When I was 15 I was on an All-Star Little League baseball team, and we had a practice workout with some Dodger rookies. I hit a monster-shot home run into the Dodger bullpen.

– Pet peeve: When I see signs in public places and words are spelled incorrectly.

— The person who most influenced my life is: My father, Richard.

– What keeps me going: Still trying to get it all right.

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