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95-year-old celebrates birthday on the slopes

Christina Proctor

Myriel Huber decided to celebrate her birthday skiing. Nothing unusual for South Shore local, except for the fact that Myriel turned 92 Tuesday.

“I really didn’t plan to ski this long. It just happened,” she said, shrugging her shoulders and flashing a big smile. “No one ever knows how long they’re going to be able to do something. I could break something tomorrow. Anyone could. But, it’s surprising what I can do in the case of an emergency.”

The possibility of a catastrophe doesn’t seem to slow her down. Myriel and Sam Huber, her husband, have been a fixture at Heavenly Ski Resort for 37 years. The Hubers were undecided about how long they had been married – somewhere between 62 or 63 years ago.

“We were just trying to figure that out. Sam had one idea and I had another,” Myriel said. “I know we were married on Christmas Day in 1936 or ’37.”

The couple settled off of Kingsbury Grade in 1962, after Sam’s retirement from the U.S. Air Force as a veterinarian. Both worked as national ski patrollers for several years. Sam, 85, put in a total of 34 years at Heavenly as a volunteer patroller. He still skies almost every day. Myriel joins him about three days a week.

“After 90 you don’t have to pay your dues,” she said.

“We usually ski on Maggie’s, Patsy’s, and Perfect Turn. Sometimes I can convince her to take Ridge Run,” Sam said.

He still critiques her technique.

“She objects when I give her good advice about getting on and off the lift safely,” he said, looking over at his wife.

“I tell him our figures our different. I’m short and fat. He’s tall and skinny,” she replied.

On the days Myriel doesn’t accompany her husband to the slopes, she is far from idle at home.

“As the years have gone by I’ve collected books, and issues of National Geographic that I like to read. I finally have time to read them,” she said. “I also like to cook, and paint”

In the summers, Myriel takes dance classes near their summer home in Fairfield, Calif.

“There are certain places on the derriere that hula takes care of,” she confided.

When asked the secret to their fountain of youth, the Hubers just smiled.

“I hate to disappoint, but I believe genes have 80 to 90 percent to do with it,” Sam said.

It could also have to do with the fact that the Hubers have never been bored.

“There’s too much to do, to see, and to read to ever be bored,” Myriel laughed.

-In 1906, the year before Myriel Huber was born, the San Francisco earthquake hit.

-In 1907, the year she was born, Teddy Roosevelt was president.

-At the age 1 1/2, Henry Ford introduced the Model T car, priced at $850, on Oct. 1, 1908. The Grand Canyon was considered for National Park status.

-Two months before Myriel’s 8th birthday, the first telephone talk from New York to San Francisco was held Jan. 25, 1915 between Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson.

-Myriel and Sam wed in 1936, the year Margaret Mitchell published “Gone With the Wind.”

-The year the Hubers moved to South Lake Tahoe, Lt. Col. John Glenn Jr. became the first American in orbit, Feb. 20, 1962, when he circled the Earth three times in the Mercury capsule Friendship 7.

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