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A new friend comes to Tahoe, embraced by singles ministry

David and Susie Meier

The new singles ministry, Tahoe Christian Singles, is already being fruitful in helping others. When the devastating storm known as Katrina recently hit the Gulf Coast region, millions of people and homes suffered great loss and damage. One of the families devastated by the storm was Lisa. Lisa’s adult daughter, Emily, in the wake of the disaster, found herself deserted by her husband and left homeless with her two small children and no possessions. Lisa’s home and all that was in it, however, was spared since her dwelling was on higher ground.

Lisa pondered in her heart what to do to help her daughter. The answer was simple, but not easy. Lisa gave her daughter everything she had including her home and everything in it. Lisa did keep a small, older car that she owned. It was still driveable in spite of being hit by a falling carport during the storm. Lisa, now in her 40s, packed a suitcase, fired up the damaged old economy car and headed for South Lake Tahoe to start a new life. Upon arriving in town and reading the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Lisa noticed the notice for Tahoe Christian Singles. A few weeks ago Lisa came to the first meeting and the rest is history.

The new gathering of local Christian singles embraced Lisa as a new friend. They pulled together and pitched in to help provide many of her household needs. Lisa, now only a few weeks later, has a nice two-bedroom apartment and most of the things she needs. She’s still lacking a decent couch, one bed, two end tables and two lamps, plus a few wall hangings to finish making it a home. She almost cried as members of the new singles ministry gave her box after box of kitchen items, small appliances, towels and household goods. Some of the members even went to Lisa’s apartment to deliver and set up the donated furniture, make repairs and just help her settle in. Little by little, Lisa is on her way as she now holds down several part-time jobs and establishes herself in South Lake Tahoe.

The new fellowship of singles got off to an amazing start with 19 fantastic adults in the first meeting a few weeks ago. The numbers seem to be growing weekly with commitments to join the small home book discussions and dinner. The Friday night meetings are packed with wonderful people and lots of fresh hot food, love, and friendship. Also, many of life’s most puzzling questions are being viewed together from a fresh perspective.

Thanksgiving day dinner was the first special event. A huge Christmas party with Alive Mic.Karaoke/DJ, Christmas caroling, dancing, gift exchange and buffet dinner will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 23 at the American Legion. If you are a Christian single perhaps you would like to check out the gatherings for yourself.

David and Susie Meier of Tahoe Christian Ministries report that the singles attending the meetings are from all walks of life and range in age from 21 to 78 years. At least four or five of the major Christian churches in South Lake Tahoe have some singles attending. There seems to be a fairly even number of men and women. Tahoe Christian Singles is not about any one church. Several Christians who don’t attend church regularly are gathering with Tahoe Christian Singles. RSVPs are requested by Wednesday for Friday.

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“All are welcome, regardless,” said the Meiers. “Making friends, having meaningful discussions and sharing fun activities is what this fellowship is all about.”

The books they currently are discussing is “The Purpose Driven Life.” The book discussion, plus a short video presentation by its author, Rick Warren, begins at 7 p.m. Many singles stay after the meeting ends at 9 p.m. to linger by the fire, have more refreshments, and enjoy conversation and fellowship together.

For more information call David or Susie at (530) 544-2624. A recorded message regarding all events for Tahoe Christian Singles is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.