After crisis, a return to our regular lives must happen slowly (Opinion) |

After crisis, a return to our regular lives must happen slowly (Opinion)

I need to sound the warning alarm for South Lake Tahoe. Many of us, including myself, are anxious to get back to normalcy. 

We want to be able to move freely and see our local businesses start the recovery process and get back to work. We want to go to our favorite restaurants, see our friends, work a normal schedule and come and go as we please. Unfortunately, doing so could undo all the progress made in stopping this virus.

Our town, our county and our state have done a great job isolating quickly and earlier than most. This has resulted in infection rates and deaths being minimized.

Unfortunately, general testing and potential vaccines are not yet common. Yes, some people are being tested (1,125 in El Dorado County as of April 10) but those are a drop in the bucket of our population. To-date only .58% of our population of 192,843 in El Dorado County (as of 2019) have been tested. 

We have no idea how many among us have the infection and should not let our guards down, lest we undo our progress. Add to this, people continue to visit despite reasonable efforts to discourage those actions. Every new visitor has the potential to make our town a hot-spot for the virus as Truckee has become. We must continue to discourage people from out of the area from visiting.

I implore those who are running the city and county to please proceed slowly and listen to our health care leaders.

Our return to our regular lives must happen slowly, over the next few months or we risk making the sacrifices made so-far having been for nothing. Closing everything down quickly is only beneficial if we reverse that action slowly.  Re-classify a few businesses at a time and see how it goes rather than opening the floodgates in desperation to save our many businesses.  

No one wants any business to fail. No one wants to see anyone die either. We are in this together. We need to get out of it together too. Please go slow in returning things to normal.

Our thanks to all who continue to work and keep our town running. You are our heroes.

Scott Ramirez is a resident of South Lake Tahoe

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