Accused killer’s confession shown on video during hearing |

Accused killer’s confession shown on video during hearing

F.T. Norton

Cathleen Allison / Tribune News Service/ Defendants in the murder of Adam Wells, counterclockwise from front, Danny Shaw, Tyler Cruz, Fred Bechtold, attorney Tom Susich and Juan Cervantes Jr., listen during the preliminary hearing Thursday.

CARSON CITY – Danny Shaw said his boyhood friend Adam Wells was still alive when he left him in the garage bound and gagged, but after he allegedly heard Tyler Cruz strike Wells three times with a bat, Wells was motionless.

“I heard Ty say, ‘You just don’t get it,’ and I heard him (strike Adam) three more times. After that I went inside and (Adam) wasn’t moving anymore,” Shaw said in a videotaped confession to police that was played in court Thursday.

“All I know is, I did hit (Adam). I hit him a couple times. I beat the (expletive) out of him. But he was still moving. He was still talking to me.”

Shaw, 21, Cruz, 25, and Juan Cervantes Jr., 20, are charged in the strangulation death of Wells, 20, whose body Shaw led investigators to a half hour after they contacted him Oct. 6 at his Stanford Drive rental where the murder is alleged to have taken place. Cruz, Shaw and Cervantes are currently being held without bail.

Investigators say Shaw was angry with Wells for stealing a safe and he wanted to teach his former best friend a lesson. After gathering Cruz and Cervantes as backup, the 190-pound, 5-foot 7-inch Shaw allegedly invited the 250 pound, 6-foot 2-inch Wells over. Shaw told investigators he emerged from the bathroom and struck his one-time “best friend” in the head with a metal bat, while Wells sat unsuspecting on the couch.

The coroner determined Wells died from strangulation by an 84-foot-long rope, coupled with a beating that possibly left him unconscious.

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Videotaped statements from Cruz, Cervantes and Fred Bechtold are expected to be shown during the hearing’s continuation Dec. 9.