Adam Jensen: A few Lake Tahoe-inspired Halloween costumes |

Adam Jensen: A few Lake Tahoe-inspired Halloween costumes

Halloween is upon us, don't forget your costume.
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So here we are again, a day before Halloween, and if you’re anything like me, the costume decision-making process has only just begun.

While I usually devote this space to highlighting events and activities coming up this week, I’m putting a little different twist on it for the procrastinators out there, suggesting a few Tahoe-specific costume ideas to get you started on your quest toward Halloween greatness. With the hype surrounding an El Niño-influenced winter showing no signs of slowing, I’ve also got snow on the brain, so each of these picks has a touch of winter to them.

As far as events to check out go, there a more than a handful of parties going on, and I recommend making the rounds to hit as many of them as you can, showing off your Saturday finest to all of the other Halloween fans out there.

So here are some Tahoe-inspired costume picks of the week, with an eye toward the upcoming season:

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Due to Elsa’s ongoing popularity, this costume will be all over the place no matter what, but the snow queen from Disney’s “Frozen” makes especially good sense at Lake Tahoe. But beware, if your powers over snow don’t lead to a big winter, your friends may come after you in search of pow days.

First-time skier

Put your helmet on backward, grab some jeans, walk around in some rear-entry ski boots and carry some ski poles around as awkwardly as possible. We were all there once, so spend a night reliving your first days on the slopes.

“Godzilla” El Niño

While an actual Godzilla costume would be awesome, it takes some time to pull off properly. Paying respect to the true id of El Niño, comedic great Chris Farley, is the real winner this Halloween, and a little less involved. A pair of red tights and a championship belt reading “El Niño” are the necessary basics. The billowing top (and the bare-chested lack of shame) may be the toughest part of this costume, but there’s got to be something out there in the costume realm that will work. Make it happen. Dozens of Chris Farleys running around as “The Niño” are as likely to appease the snow gods as anything.

Saucer Boy

The creation of legendary Squaw Valley skier Shane McConkey, Saucer Boy is a Lake Tahoe classic. Grab a beat-up sled, some Snowlerblades, all the mountaineering gear you can find and a bottle of spirits and pay respect to the king of not taking yourself too seriously. Isn’t that what dressing up in costume is all about anyway?

Adam Jensen is the editor of Lake Tahoe Action. He can be reached at

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