Adam Jensen: At my desk, hiking Tahoe’s Rim Trail |

Adam Jensen: At my desk, hiking Tahoe’s Rim Trail

Author Adam Jensen

It’s awesome how easy it is to follow an amazing journey these days.

Sitting behind a keyboard and computer screen, all kinds of vicarious outdoor adventures are on demand.

The specific journey I’m talking about, though, is the 165-mile trek on the Tahoe Rim Trail being undertaken by North Carolina hiker Trevor Thomas.

Thomas, who is blind, is traveling the trail with his 3½-year-old black lab Tenille. After reading Griffin Rogers’ recent story in the Tahoe Daily Tribune, I checked out Thomas’ Facebook page, which includes a link where you can track his location. It updates a couple times an hour.

Thomas and Tenille began the trek at Echo Lakes Aug. 17. By the morning of Aug. 20, the pair were approaching Twin Peaks near the northwest corner of the lake. Seeing Thomas’ path I imagined walking north through Desolation Wilderness: Past Lake Aloha, past Gilmore Lake, past Fontanillis Lake and past the Velma lakes. It was a great way to remind myself of just how much terrain is at our fingertips at Lake Tahoe. It also reminded me how much terrain Thomas has left to cover.

The 45-year-old has faced some technological difficulties in communicating with the outside world during his trek and has had some difficulty locating water, but remains in good spirits, according to an update on his Facebook page.

“He said for me to communicate that Tennille was climbing at a new elevation record of over 9000 feet,” according to the update. “He said that it was such a change from the Vermont rain in that there is no humidity and the air is pristine. The down side is that there is little water and that has become a huge factor in this hike logistically. The terrain is also exceptionally rugged with many, many rocks. He sounded happy and strong.”

If all goes well, Thomas will be on the trail for the next week and a half. Through the wonders of modern technology, I’m hooked on Thomas’ journey. I hope he completes it safely, for both of our sakes. Being able to check his progress has given me the opportunity to feel like I’m back in the wilderness even when I can’t get there myself.

If you’ve got a moment to check out Thomas’ Facebook page, I recommend it. It may just end up getting you out from behind a keyboard and computer screen.

Adam Jensen is the editor of Lake Tahoe Action. He can be reached at

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