Adam Jensen: Bring on the South Lake Tahoe bike park |

Adam Jensen: Bring on the South Lake Tahoe bike park

It was good to see the Bijou Bike Park back in the news this week.

While the concept for a bike park within Bijou Community Park in South Lake Tahoe has been around for several years, I’d lost track of where the park was in the Lake Tahoe project-approval process.

On Tuesday, the South Lake Tahoe City Council voted to explore a model in which the park would be owned and operated by the city, according to an article by the Tahoe Daily Tribune’s Griffin Rogers. It was a step in the right direction.

“I’ve been in government awhile, and I’d be willing to bet there will be a bike park in this town,” Mayor Hal Cole was quoted as saying. “My job as steward of the public funds is to make sure it’s done safely for public safety and the welfare of the city’s security. It’s just now a matter of making sure it’s done right.”

While I’d love to see the park sprout up tomorrow, Cole’s correct in his assertion that getting the park done right is critical. I was heartened to see the Bijou Bike Park is still moving forward and applaud the City Council for their continued support.

The design of the bike park features two pump tracks, a BMX race track, a kids learning zone and terrain features at Bijou Community Park. The park looks like all kinds of fun.

I’m an alright mountain biker, nothing special. Having a park where I could take some hot laps on some terrain features would certainly help myself and others level up when it comes to singletrack. More than individual improvement, though, the bike park would provide a gathering place for bicyclists of all sorts to connect. Much like the South Shore itself, the biking community is spread out and rarely has a chance to gather in one place. Having a spot to gather would be great for the South Shore biking community and would add to the already vast recreational opportunities at Lake Tahoe.

Truckee’s bike park has been quite successful, and it would be a real achievement to replicate those accomplishments at the South Shore.

In addition to liability issues that still need to be ironed out, additional funding is needed for the park, according to the Bijou Bike Park Association. More information is available at

Although it’s tough for me to provide much in the way of cash, as a mountain biker, I’d be glad to help move some dirt once the shovels are ready.

Adam Jensen is the editor of Lake Tahoe Action. He can be reached at

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