Adam Jensen: Time’s wasting on those summer plans |

Adam Jensen: Time’s wasting on those summer plans

One thing I’ve learned about life at Lake Tahoe is winter seems to take forever getting here and summer will be on you before you know it.

This week’s winter weather aside, it should be consistently warm and sunny soon enough, and the days remaining to get your summer kicks in will be counting down.

I know it’s awfully early to be warning people that summer will soon be over when school isn’t even out yet, but it has been my experience that time flies when it’s warm at Tahoe. Pretty much every July or so I have to remind myself of the long list of summer adventures I told myself I was going to undertake.

Although I’ve managed to be free of any commitments to friends’ weddings so far, my summer season weekends are getting booked up at a rapid pace. There is the traditional San Francisco Giants weekend with the family, a reunion of friends in Sonora and a half marathon already taking up some of the prime real estate on my personal summer event calendar. All fun things, for sure, but it seems silly not to spend some time enjoying my own backyard. It’s for this reason that I try and block out at least a few weekends every summer to be in town and doing something new at Lake Tahoe. Because, even after eight years, there’s always something to do at the lake.

Hikers have been reporting June-like conditions this month and scratching off some new Desolation Wilderness hikes seems like a reasonable place to start. Conditions in the backcountry have been slick with remaining snow in the morning and mushy in the afternoon, according to the U.S. Forest Service, but chances are the mosquitoes aren’t quite out yet and the hardier wildflowers are already blooming. Catching Lake Aloha before all the snow melts off its granite backdrop is a classic sight if you’re looking to get outside. With days getting longer, something like Eagle Lake can even be banged out after work. There are hundreds of others ready for the taking, too, these are just a couple of off-the-top-of-the-head ideas.

Stay safe out there and, whatever you plans are in coming weeks, don’t forget to be prepared for all kinds of weather. I’ve not followed this advice on occasion and regretted it, the prime example being a few years back when I went mountain biking in a T-shirt and shorts a couple years back and ended up in a hail storm miles from home. While a memorable experience, I wouldn’t necessarily want to do it again.

I am looking forward to checking a few new Tahoe experiences off the list in coming weeks.

Adam Jensen is the editor of Lake Tahoe Action. He can be reached at

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