Ageless Entertainers to perform Saturday |

Ageless Entertainers to perform Saturday

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Dan Thrift / Tahoe Daily Tribune / The cast of the Ageless Entertainers is decked out and ready for its fourth annual show, which will take place Saturday at the Horizon Resort & Casino Cabaret Showroom.

Anyone wishing to see the “Ageless Entertainers Variety Show – Cruising Around The World” at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Horizon Cabaret Showroom is urged to call (530) 542-6094 between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays to see if any admission tickets are still available. At press time, there are only a few tickets left.

There may be a second performance of this show Aug. 27. If so, tickets must be purchased ahead of time, as soon as possible, at the South Lake Tahoe Senior Center, 3050 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

This fourth annual show is in the form of a musical. It takes place on a cruise ship with songs and dances from various countries being performed at various “ports.” There is also “Entertainment Night” and “Talent Night” on board the ship with types of entertainment popular in America, including country western, singing, guitar playing, line dancing and square dancing. Many professionals and talented amateurs will be performing under the direction of choreographer Pam Day. She danced with Gene Kelly, danced and choreographed with Donald O’Connor, was in the “Chicago” touring company, was with Sha-Na-Na for three years and was an entertainment and cruise director on a cruise ship for 11Ú2 years, as well as other gigs. Last year’s show with Day as co-director sold out in advance as did the two previous shows.

The show begins with an overture by pianist/singer and accompanist, Marjorie Sand and drummer, Jeff Hanigan. A sailor dance to “Anchors Aweigh,” choreographed by Pam Day, will be performed by Pam Day, Pat Foley, Francine Garcia, Arline June Gordon, John Roos, Mary Stephens, Peggy White and Michele Williams. Capt. Vern Lee welcomes the passengers with an original poem; cruise director, Anne Kirk, announces the activities and sings “Fabulous Places” with Pam Day; and Bob Witting sings “Faraway Places”. On “Talent Night” “JJ” the magician (Joe Jimenez) performs his magic act with the assistance of Brooke Hartman; Mel Laub does an original creative dance, “Search for Life;” Marg Novak sings “Moonlight Bay;” Michele Williams sings “Fever” assisted by John Roos; and Phil and Bonnie Steinberg perform an original comedy musical skit, “The Tax Man Cometh.”

On the Mexican Plaza, Denver Driver plays the violin to the “Mexican Hat Dance;” Bob Witting plays the guitar and sings “Mexican Joe.” A Mexican dance folklorico, choreographed by Pam Day, will be performed by dancers Pam Day, Francine Garcia, Peggy White, Michele Williams and “JJ” Jimenez, who does a Mexican hat dance. Margo Osti sings “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” and Bill Paradise sings “South of the Border.”

At sea, while on deck, Anne Kirk teaches “Tahiti Shape-Up” to passengers; Mary Stephens sings “Red Sails in the Sunset”; John Roos sings “I’m Going To Sit Right Down and Mail Myself a Letter;” Anne Manoff reads an original story, “Modella,” about a mischievous cat, to children Brooke and Sarah Hartman and Aegir Stevens; Jim Harris plays the guitar and sings “Take the Night Train to Memphis;” and Maxine Miller, choreographer, performs a line dance, “Maxine’s Redneck Special,” with dancers, Debra Beck, Frank and Toots George, Joan Tapp and Peggy White.

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After intermission, in the Europa Cabaret, Pam Day will sing and tap to “Willkommen;” an Irish clogging dance, choreographed by Marcia Sarosik, will be performed by Sarosik students, Ashleigh Dunn, Becca Kushner, Ailiah Schafer and other dancers, Pat Foley, Arline June Gordon and Peggy White. Denver Driver will play an Irish jig and “On Top of The World” on the violin, accompanied on the guitar with singing by Bob Witting. Ethel Aubrey will sing “Cabaret;” Gigi Haskins will sing the German song, “Lily Marlene;” Diana Buffaloe will play the guitar and sing the Austrian song, “Edelweiss;” Francine Garcia will sing “I Love Paris;” and Bill Paradise will sing the Italian song, translated as “Return To Me”.

On the Mediterranean Plaza, a line dance, “Zorba the Greek,” choreographed by Maxine Miller will be danced by Maxine Miller, Debra Beck, Frank and Toots George, Joan Tapp and Peggy White. A Greek folk dance, translated as “Take Me Tonight” will be danced by John Roos, Pat Foley, Francine Garcia, Arline June Gordon, Gigi Haskins and Mary Stephens; and Anne Kirk will sing “Those Were the Days.”

At the Farewell Dinner and Show, “Cowboys & Petticoats,” Bob and Ruth Bartley, Don and Evelyn Cook, Darlene Packwood, Wend Schaefer, Chuck and Peggy White” will do a square dance with caller Jim Marwin. Arline June Gordon will do a Spanish dance to “Malaguena;” Jim Marwin and Mary Stephens will sing a duet, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better;” Francine Garcia and Michele Williams will sing a duet (as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell) “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend;” Bill Paradise will sing “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” and Debra Jacobs will do a medley to “Hello Dolly” and “Mame.” At the finale, the cast will sing “San Francisco” For more information call Arline Gordon at (775) 588-6997.