Airing of adventure reality show is starting this week |

Airing of adventure reality show is starting this week

Tribune News Service

CARSON CITY – “The Nevada Passage,” an adventure-reality show filmed to promote tourism in the state, began airing this week in major television markets from North Carolina to Detroit to Fresno.

Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt said the hour-long show will air in at least 95 U.S. cities this month and “shatter a lot of stereotyped images about Nevada.” It will be shown at 10 p.m. Monday on Reno’s KOLO-TV.

The program follows 10 man-woman teams from 11 states. Among the challenges, the teams Jet-skied Lake Mead, did a 200-mile four-wheel-drive treasure hunt outside Ely, sandboarded Sand Mountain kayaked in downtown Reno.

“When you watch the program, you sense their excitement,” said Hunt.

She said the athletes ranged from a 58-year-old Reno lawyer to a 25-year-old female swimwear company owner from Atlanta.

Officials said the tourism commission plans to do it again next year “and expose more Nevada adventures and landscapes to a national television audience.”