Angora flare-up proves fire is ‘still moving’ |

Angora flare-up proves fire is ‘still moving’

Adam Jensen
Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Today was one of those days you would call ‘interesting’,” said Ranger cq Dorn, operation planner with the California Interagency Incident Management Team, as an introduction to a briefing held at Tuesday evening in the parking lot of Heavenly Mountain Resort’s California base lodge.

Leaders of the incident management team gathered in the lot to coordinate interagency firefighting efforts over the next 12 hours.

Dorn touched on the successes experienced by firefighters on Tuesday, including no progression of the fire into the Gardner Mountain area and keeping the fire from crossing Highway 89, before touching on some of the more “interesting” aspects of the days efforts.

“We ended up with a number of intense pieces of fire inside the line, as well as outside,” he said.

Dorn was referring to flames that jumped a fire line and advanced toward areas surrounding the Tahoe Keys, causing further evacuations.

Two firefighters towards the northeastern edge of the fire were also forced to deploy emergency shelters to avoid the flames. Although uninjured by the passing fire, they were checked by medical professionals as a precaution.

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The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit’s Forest Supervisor, Terri Marceron spoke near the end of the briefing, providing what amounted to both an encouragement and a warning.

“You guys definitely need to do a great job and really get this buttoned down because we’ve got four days of winds ahead of us,” said Forest Supervisor Terri Marceron. “The fire proved today that it’s still moving.”