Area author pens ‘Then God is Forgiven?’ |

Area author pens ‘Then God is Forgiven?’

Nancy Oliver Hayden / Tahoe Daily Tribune (retired editor)

Megan was a young British actress when Max first saw her in Shaw’s “St. Joan” in Portsmouth and was instantly enamored. He went to Hollywood to become a screenwriter. She arrived soon after, and with her tremendous talent almost immediately became a star. He watched her through two husbands and affairs with several racecar drivers ” loving her all the while.

“Then God Is Forgiven” is the story of an actress who didn’t care about the injuries her actions inflicted on others, and of an Ohio youth who became a lost man through her.

The novel’s unusual title comes from John O’Hara’s “Winter’s Tale.”

“He could imagine her saying, as the car went into a spin, ‘Hey there, wait a minute! Don’t get carried away,’ and dying in the middle of a laughing protest. He hoped that was the way it had been. He wanted her at least to have had no fear. If that was the way it had been God was forgiven.”

Author Sam Bauman has been a journalist and copy editor for more then 50 years, and has worked for several newspapers in the United States as well as a foreign correspondent.

He was a copy editor and editor of “Ski Time” for the Tahoe Daily Tribune during the late 1980s, and was arts and entertainment editor for the Nevada Appeal for almost 20 years until his retirement in the fall of 2008.

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During his long career, Bauman served with the New York Herald Tribune, Pacific and European Stars and Stripes, The Associated Press, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times as well as Playboy and Newsweek magazines.

As a freelance writer, he writes about entertainment, skiing and mountain hiking for magazines and has covered stories in Asia, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and the Mideast.

Bauman weaves the knowledge he has gained in his journalism career throughout “Then God Is Forgiven” and draws on his experiences and background to make the novel come alive. He covered the Formula One races in Europe for the Associated Press and his understanding of the racing world is evident. Although, he never wrote screenplays, he did write several theater plays and covered movie-making in Europe, which contributes to his understanding of Hollywood and the movies.

“Then God Is Forgiven” can be ordered online at,,,” and by calling Xlibris at (888) 795-4274.

“Nancy Oliver Hayden is a former community editor at the Tahoe Daily Tribune who enjoys having time to read in her retirement.