Arrest in case of fake bills |

Arrest in case of fake bills

William Ferchland

Roseanna Mar Wargaatmadja

After trying to return cologne and soap she allegedly bought with fake money, a 22-year-old Stateline woman was arrested on suspicion of making/passing counterfeit bills, authorities said.

Roseanna Mar Wargaatmadja was taken into custody Saturday at the Embassy Vacation Resort off Ski Run Boulevard when she went back to the hotel to return merchandise she allegedly purchased with a fake $100 bill, said South Lake Tahoe police Lt. Martin Hewlett.

Wargaatmadja reportedly entered the hotel Oct. 26 and purchased several items with the counterfeit bill, Hewlett said. When she came back three days later, the clerk who sold her the items recognized her and contacted authorities.

Upon questioning, Wargaatmadja said she made the bills. Acting on a search warrant, authorities found a computer, printer and other equipment to make $100, $20 and $5 bills at her apartment in the 100 block of Michelle Drive, Hewlett said.

Police collected 32 suspected counterfeit $100 bills, 12 suspected fake $20 bills and 22 suspected counterfeit $5 bills.

“We still believe that there are other bogus bills being passed within the community and the community should take proper precautions, especially dealing with $100 bills,” Hewlett said.

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Hewlett said Wargaatmadja was apparently making the fake bills using the computer and printer, rather than bleaching existing bills.