Artist spreads holiday spirit |

Artist spreads holiday spirit

During the holiday season, magical pictures appear across the windows of Tahoe.

For 25 years, a talented artist known as Apollo, has been painting scenic winter forests and charming holiday critters on the glass canvases of merchants all around the lake.

Known locally for his window art, Apollo is also known for mural paintings, jigsaw puzzles, posters – and writing ability.

Apollo recently completed writing and illustrating his first children’s story. The book, titled “OOOber,” is about the adventures of a baby Harp seal. Currently looking for a publisher, Apollo hopes to see the book in stores in the upcoming year.

An internationally renowned environmental artist, whose paintings decorate the front of cards used by the Center of Marine Conservation in Washington, Apollo uses creativity to get out his message.

“I am an environmental artist,” Apollo said. “I can express my opinion with my art, not just my painting, but my writing, too.

“Creativity is amazing. The more you use it, the more God gives you. The feeling from allowing that creative energy to constantly come through is just so beneficial.”

Apollo is interested in anything to do with helping kids and protecting the environment.

“Recently, I went and read the first few chapters of the book to some first-grade kids,” Apollo said. “I got this big box delivered to my house and inside were tons of drawings of OOOber and Aurora and all of my other characters in the book. The kids all drew me pictures and that just really touched me.”

Apollo’s own artistic talent was “discovered” during childhood.

“When I was in third grade (in Southern California) some of the local merchants allowed different classes to (paint for) a business in town,” he said. “Everyone in the class drew pictures and mine was chosen. But I wasn’t doing Christmas stuff – I actually did a Halloween picture on the window.”

As a teen-ager, Apollo painted windows to make Christmas money. From there, he created a name for himself through many different kinds of art.

“I feel that God has given me a gift and I just want to share it any way I can,” Apollo said. “Whether it’s books or my windows or stuff like these murals.”

The murals he referred to cover two full walls of the condominium where he stays while in Tahoe. Apollo lives in Hawaii 10 months out of the year.

“I just like to paint stuff that makes people smile, like the elves on the windows,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about, bringing joy to people.”

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