Assemblyman addresses the community’s concerns |

Assemblyman addresses the community’s concerns

Susan Wood

Fifteen people got quality time Thursday night at Lake Tahoe Community College with one of their state legislators, discussing topics as diverse as this South Shore town.

California Assemblyman Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, hosted the town hall meeting – one of 60 open sessions on his agenda and the ninth town hall meeting – to hear constituent concerns.

South Shore resident Ernie Gonzalez told Gaines he’d like his business to be energy-neutral but discovered because his electric provider is based in Nevada he’s not eligible for California rebates on solar power equipment.

“We’re probably the only community that doesn’t get the rebates,” he said. “We need your help with that.” Gaines pointed to his aides to seek resolution from the California Public Utilities Commission.

Bob Anderson of Meyers wants to know how the state can justify prohibiting commercial businesses from occupying the same building of the California Conservation Corp., a hot topic for the Community Roundtable. Meyers has little potential of a sales tax revenue base.

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South Lake Tahoe Parks Commissioner and supporter of the Tahoe Arts Project Jerome Evans asked Gaines if he would support the California Arts Council “even if your party doesn’t,” he said.

Gaines said that can be a dilemma in the grand scheme of budget negotiating, but Evans disagreed. It wasn’t the first dispute of the night. Evans bristled during a banter with Councilman Ted Long over the virtues of Indian gaming. The city officer opposes its infiltration, namely in Shingle Springs.

The meeting soon flipped to alleged corruption of Child Protective Services and topics other communities are bringing up. Gaines quickly responded with gas prices and health care to which no quick fix appears to be on the horizon for a weary lawmaking body. Gaines counted signing 400 bills in the flurry of activity leading up to the state budget, which remains pending.

South Lake Tahoe City Council

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A welcoming for California Assemblyman Ted Gaines, R-Roseville