Attacks by loose dogs on the rise in Incline |

Attacks by loose dogs on the rise in Incline

Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

By Jack Carrerow

Tribune News Service

INCLINE VILLAGE – Loose and vicious dogs in the Incline Village-Crystal Bay area have resulted in attacks on smaller animals and complaints from residents that the canines are becoming more aggressive.

Several times a day, law officers, animal control and the local nonprofit Pet Network receive reports from residents about the aggressive dogs. Many say the complaints have increased.

Katy Stevens, supervisor with Washoe County Animal Services, says animal calls to Incline Village are quite common and that the current weather has made it easier for dogs to escape from their homes.

“With the snowfall accumulation, dogs are able to get over fences easier,” Stevens said, adding, “We probably get a call a day up there.”

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Greg Lubbe, Washoe County sheriff substation commander, said dog owners tend to let their dogs roam free, which is illegal. The problem starts with the dog’s owner, said Adam Hulme, manager of the adoption program for Pet Network.

“A lot of what a dog is boils down to training issues,” Hulme said. “If an animal is socialized and trained, you have very little problem. It’s when a dog is just left on its own and not paid attention to that leads to problems.”

Hulme said the breed of a dog has little to do with what kind of personality it develops.

“Pit bulls can be just as gentle as a golden retriever and vice versa. The problem is that people tend to stereotype the animals. Rottweilers project the image of being ferocious, so they’re treated that way,” Hulme said.

Hulme feels that much of the dog difficulties can be avoided if their owners would just be more observant of their pets.