August has been a hot month for South Shore hip-hoppers Ghost Coast Music |

August has been a hot month for South Shore hip-hoppers Ghost Coast Music

Hip-hop heads might automatically not nod if you ask them if they know where the fourth coast ” along with the East, West and Third (Gulf) ” is.

But Ghost Coast Music, representing the South Shore, will get those heads bobbing as soon as they hear it.

“If the West Coast is dead, we’re the ghost,” said Tyrone “Eastside” Brown, a third of Ghost Coast, along with Brian “Beta” Thurber and South Lake Tahoe native Andre “Dreda Dre” Tyson.

This summer has been a hot one for the trio: The three MCs celebrated the release of a new album, “The Dank,” July 26 at the Tahoe Underground.

“Locals get a free taste of it, and they get it first,” Dre said of the first single. “We just did a live performance of that on RSN.”

Ghost Coast will join Bay Area rappers Andre Nickatina and Keak da Sneak for its next performance, Sept. 12 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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“I’d say one of my favorite things about the music is performing it live,” Dre said. That’s little surprise: All three members of the trio work for Another Planet Entertainment, producing concerts for other artists.

“I’ve always been into doing live performance type of shit,” Dre said.

If this new coast might seems like a subset of the West, more information bears mentioning. Some of the influences the three mentioned ” Tupac, Nas, Eminem ” are hip-hop touchstones, Lil’ Wayne is everywhere right now, and Beta listens to other MCs from the Bay Area. But not every rapper mentions influences such as the Cure, Iron Maiden and Sublime as Dreda does.

“We all talk about one thing, but we talk a different way, and we see it the same way,” Eastside said.

Their response to a question about what inspires their lyrics couldn’t be more on message: “Life,” all three said in unison.

“Basically, I’d say it’s like a realistic point of view with a twist, said in a way you’ve never heard,” Dre said.

The trio fuses a rapper from Watts with one from the Bay Area and one delivering a rare flow from Tahoe. Beta and Dre have known each other for the past four years.

“It was mostly drunk, messing around, freestyling with each other,” Beta said. All three ended up in Tahoe, and Dre and Beta learned about Eastside from a friend.

“It actually helped out because you get all the different styles together, and it’s hard to compete,” Beta said.

All three MCs rhyme. They came up with the lyrics, some friends provided the beats, and “The Dank” blazed up. The new album will be available to the public Aug. 10 at Mad About Music, Tahoe Kush, the Butter Muffin, Stonecutters, Donovan and Smith, South Shore Fitted, “or out our trunk if you see us,” Dre said.