Bat Q & A |

Bat Q & A

Answered by the California Bat Conservation Fund

– Will a bat attack me?

Although bats will sometimes swoop by you in the evening, bats do not attack people. They are gentle, passive creatures that will only bite in self-defense if they are picked up and handled. If a bat swoops close to you, it only means that it is trying to catch mosquitoes or other insects that are nearby.

– What do I do if a bat gets in my house?

Bats will occasionally get into houses and often cannot find their way out. Open all the windows and doors that lead outside from the room where the bat is. Close the doors to other rooms in the house. Turn the lights out and leave the bat alone for a few hours. It will probably smell the fresh air and find its way out.

– Do bats have rabies?

Like any mammal, bats can contract rabies. However, only about one in 1,000 bats will become infected with this disease. Bats do not have outbreaks of rabies; individuals who develop rabies will separate from the colony and fall to the ground where they are easily found by people, who are at risk only if they pick up the bat and try to handle it. Never pick up or touch a bat with your bare hands. Any bat who allows itself to be touched or picked up is very likely to be sick.

– What do I do if I find an injured bat?

Do not pick up or handle the bat. Gently scoop it into a small container, such as a shoe box, with a cloth or piece of paper and close the box. Put a soft cloth into the box to give the bat something to cling to. Place the box where it cannot be opened by pets or children while you call the nearest wildlife center.

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