BID board meets Thursday |

BID board meets Thursday

Susan Wood

The first meeting of a board tasked with developing a plan to fund tourism marketing for South Lake Tahoe will be on Thursday.

The 11-member Business Improvement District board will meet at the council chambers, 1900 Lake Tahoe Blvd., beginning at 9 a.m.

City Council subcommittee members John Upton and Mike Weber will provide direction for the board on how to improve the city’s economy. City Attorney Catherine DiCamillo will review legal requirements of the BID board, which consists of a diverse group of citizens. They include: Ed McCarthy, Pradip Patel, Paul Bruso, Eric Eymann, Victor Babbitt, Julie Threewit, John Cefalu, Peter Laughlin, Lori London, Patrick Martin, Melissa Springer, Les Wright and Richard Van Buskirk.

The BID formation was intended as a funding mechanism to offset reduced subsidies to the area’s marketing arms – the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce and Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. The board will determine the formula and intent of collected fees. It has six weeks to do so, as the city mails out its renewal notices of business license fees by June.