Bike to Work Week rider profile: John Wagnon |

Bike to Work Week rider profile: John Wagnon

John Wagnon is an executive with Heavenly Mountain Resort.

56 years old

Vice president of marketing and sales at Heavenly Mountain Resort

A competitive cyclist in regional clubs, Wagnon rides 200 to 300 miles each week during the summer, so getting him to participate in Bike to Work Week was easy. But his commutes from his Glenbrook home to his office off lower Kingsbury will be anything but.

Two days this week, he’ll ride 10 miles each way. On the other two days, he’ll ride from Glenbrook over Spooner Summit, through the Carson Valley, then over Daggett Summit and down Kingsbury Grade, a one-way distance of 35 miles and a total distance of 45 miles. For his final day, he’ll leave home earlier than usual and ride 10 miles from home to work, then leave work earlier than usual so he can ride to Glenbrook via Tahoe City, a one-way distance of 62 miles (about three hours) for a total distance of 72 miles.

“I spent 10 years competing in triathlons, and cycling was my strongest sport of the three. I still compete in cycling. … I’m a wannabe Masters bike racer, one of those older guys who didn’t know when they say when. But I think Bike to Work Week is a good thing, because it brings awareness. With the cost of fuel, it’s forcing people to consider how they commute. By biking, you get a little exercise, it saves you a little fuel and it saves the planet, so it’s all good.”




LSC Transportation Consultants: 2.8 rides/employee, with 5 out of 10 employees riding.

Andy Coughlin, Olympic Bike Shop ” 88.5 miles

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