Bike to Work Week rider profile: Kim Gorman |

Bike to Work Week rider profile: Kim Gorman

Kim Gorman works for the Nevada Tahoe Conservation District.

41 years old

Associate water-quality program manager for Nevada Tahoe Conservation District

In Lake Tahoe, there certainly are reasons not to ride your bike to work ” cold morning temperatures and lack of bike paths, to name a few. Gorman, though, believes there are more reasons to get on her bike and start pedaling.

“This Bike to Work Week, it’s always motivated me. I use it as a springboard to do more of it through the summer. I think we forget how small this town is. … we’re fortunate that it only takes five or six miles to get to work. You just feel good and energized when you do it.”

Gorman, who has participated in Bike to Work Week the past two years, has cycled to work Monday through Thursday this week from her home off Blue Lakes Road to her office on lower Kingsbury, a distance of five to six miles each way, depending on the route. She typically elects to use Pioneer Trail to avoid the traffic and exhaust of Highway 50 but admits the biggest hurdle is getting out of bed in the morning and going.

“It’s cold, and it’s easier to just get in your car. But I need to wake myself up in the morning without coffee, and biking to work is a good way to do that.”






14,000 miles by Friday


Nevada Tahoe Conservation District/Nichols Consulting ” 9.7 trips/employee, with 13 out of 14 employees riding

Tina Dressler (St. Theresa School Bikers), Adrian Tieslau (individual): 24 trips

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