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BAKER – a son, JOEY MATTHEW, born Oct. 21, 2008, to Kellie Baker of South Lake Tahoe.

CASTILLO – a daughter, MELISSA, born Oct. 17, 2008, to Roberto and Reyna Castillo of Gardnerville.

FREGOSO-TORRES – a daughter, KIMBERLY JOCELYN, born Oct. 15, 2008, to Eduardo Fregoso and Maria Elana Torres of South Lake Tahoe.

HERNANDEZ – a son, MARCEL JUAN, born Oct. 15, 2008, to Juan and Paulina Hernandez of South Lake Tahoe.

HERRON – a son, GAVAN HARLEY, born Oct. 14, 2008, to David and Priscilla Herron of South Lake Tahoe.

HORSE-BERREMAN – a son, JAKOVEE WARRIOR, born Oct.19, 2008, to William Berreman and Kaela Horse of Markleeville.

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JARQUIN-OLVERA – a son, ALESSANDRO, born Oct. 14, 2008, to Edgar Jarquin and Adilene Olvera of South Lake Tahoe.

MCNELIS – a son, AIDEN THOMAS, born Oct. 10, 2008, to Anne McNelis of South Lake tahoe.

MONAY-GOMEZ – a daughter, APRIL GUADALUPE, born Oct. 19, 2008, to Saul Monay and Blanca Gomez of South Lake Tahoe.

PENSIELD – a daughter, RUBY KALISTA, born Oct. 18, 2008, to Maximillion and Laura Pensield of South Lake Tahoe.

SANCHEZ – a daughter, ELIA DEL CARMEN, born Oct. 21, 2008, to Priciliano and Roselia Sanchez of South Lake Tahoe.