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Blacklist Art & Film Festival films

‘El Zombie de

la Muerte’ (2007)

Runtime: 1 minute, 30 seconds

Director: Antonio Perez

DP: Richard Briglia

Format: high definition

Recommended Stories For You

Summary: “Yo quiero brains!”

‘The Listening Dead’ (2006)

Runtime: 14 minutes

Dir: Phil Mucci

DP: Predrag Dubravcic

Format: Super 16mm

Summary: When a neglected wife takes revenge on her husband, a ghost steps in and takes matters into her own hands. Winner, Best of Show, Fantastic Fest 2006

Municipal Waste,

‘Sadistic Magician.’ (2008)

Runtime: 2 minutes, 48 seconds

Director: Jeff Speed

DP: Jason Hafer

Format: high definition

Summary: The finest sons of Richmond, Va., bring a nuclear power plant to a catastrophic meltdown in this ’80s throwback crossover thrash music video.

‘Billy’s Balloon’ (1998)

Runtime: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Director: Don Hertzfeldt

DP: Rebecca Moline

Format: 16mm

Summary: A little boy and his red balloon. Grand Jury Prize, Best Short Film, Slamdance Film Festival 1998

‘My Own Two Feet’ (2007)

Runtime: 5 minutes

Director: Chris Edmands

DP: Kyle Norman Schwartz

Format: high definition

Summary: trailer for a human-powered snowboard film

‘Sweet Besus’ (2008)

Runtime: 8 minutes, 45 seconds

Director and DP: Brandon Rein

Format: Super 8mm

Summary: “One year in the life of little B.”

“Walking on Air” (2008)

Runtime: 3 min 55 sec

Director: Aggressive

DP: Damian Acevedo

Format: high definition

Summary: A video that puts musician Kerli is in a surreal, magical house where everything is the opposite of what it should be ” when she receives a gift from a strange visitor.

‘Redivider’ (2008)

Runtime: 7 minutes, 45 seconds

Director: Theresa Hoey

DP: Nick Paul Ouellette

Format: 35mm

Summary: A shattered soul fights back. With the help of a new ally, one terrifying event saves ” and destroys ” a life.

‘Bartholomew’s Song’ (2007)

Runtime: 12 minutes

Director: Lowell Frank and Destin Daniel Cretton

DP: Jake Rose

Format: 16mm

Summary: In a world without hope, one man must sing.

‘Transrexia’ (2008)

Runtime: 1 minute

Director: Aurelio Voltaire

DP: John Donnelly

Format: 16mm

Summary: A stop-motion T-rex contemplates love and loss with a pterodactyl in this ultra-short postcard from prehistory.

‘Chickenfut’ (2006)

Runtime: 18 minutes, 17 seconds

Director: Harrison Witt

DP: PJ Raval

Format: Super 16mm

Summary: A boy, his chicken, and their paranormal quest for barnyard justice. Winner: Best Short Film, Salento Fear Fest 2007

‘Eclectic 2.0’ (2008) Chile/Argentina/USA

Runtime: 3 minutes

Director: Ross Ching

DP: Ross Ching

Format: digital 35mm SLR

Summary: A Chilean-Argentinian-U.S. joint effort pays tribute to the ones who see things differently.

‘Rejected’ (2000)

Runtime: 9 minutes

Director and DP: Don Hertzfeldt

Format: 35mm

Summary: A collision of art, consumer culture and madness. An Academy Award nominee in 2001 for Best Animated Short Film

‘Pinatas Revenge’ (2007)

Runtime: 1 minute 30 seconds

Director: Delaney Bishop

DP: Richard Briglia

Format: high definition

Summary: After years of abuse, the pinatas have stopped being so sweet.

‘The Eyes of

Edward James’ (2006)

Runtime: 14 minutes, 42 seconds

Director: Rodrigo Gudino

DP: Walter Pacifico

Format: high-definition

Summary: A patient regresses into the traumatic memory of the evening of the brutal murder of his wife. Official selection of more than 20 film festivals worldwide.

‘Nothing Left’ (2007)

Runtime: 4 minutes

Director: Brian Thompson

DP: Jason Hafer

Format: high definition

Summary: As I Lay Dying’s dark sci-fi music video set in a nightmarish world with a dystopian democracy.

“The Sound of Truth” (2007)

Runtime: 4 minutes, 25 seconds

Director: Brian Thompson

DP: Jason Hafer

Format: high-definition

Summary: As I Lay Dying’s sequel to “Nothing Left.”

‘Subject’ (2008)

Runtime: 7 minutes

Director: Michael B. Chait

DP: Westley Gathright

Format: 2.40 Anamorphic 35mm

Summary: A firefighter must fight to save his own life after responding to a routine call that may be more than what it seems.

‘The Wake’ (2007)

Runtime: 19 minutes

Director: Matthew Byrne

DP: Tiffany Toby

Format: Super 16mm

Summary: A boy is tied to a table for days at the mercy of a mysterious old lady who hangs rotting cabbage over his face in a Southern Gothic folk tale. Winner, Best Short Film, 2007 Chicago Horror Film Festival.

‘Far Out’ (2007)

Runtime: 5 minutes

Director: Phil Mucci

DP: Predrag Dubravcic

Format: Super 16mm

Summary: In 1972, a flamboyant Hollywood producer’s house party takes a strange turn, when an uninvited guest comes for more than just sex and drugs. Consider your mind blown.

The Blackest

of the Blacklist

‘Il Bruto’ (2007)

Runtime: 1 minute, 55 seconds

Director: Jeff Speed

DP: Chris Speed

Format: Super 16mm

Summary: An exercise in visceral realism focusing on footage from near the Uele River in Africa.

‘Snip’ (2008)

Runtime: 11 minutes, 25 seconds

Director: Julien Zenier

DP: David Acereto

Format: 35mm

Summary: The U.S. premiere of the Spanish film “Snip” depicts an extremely painful and nightmarish submersion into a world filled with apathy, alienation, emptiness and despair.

‘Ah L’Amour’ (1995)

Runtime: 2 minutes

Director and DP: Don Hertzfeldt

Format: 16mm

Summary: Hertzfeldt’s first film explores all the pain and suffering of courtship. Grand price, “World’s Funniest Cartoon,” from the World Animation Celebration/1998 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival