Blake’s lawyer gives police boxes of material from wife’s home |

Blake’s lawyer gives police boxes of material from wife’s home


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Robert Blake’s attorney on Thursday gave police documents and tape recordings that had been collected by the actor’s slain wife, and he praised detectives for apparently broadening an investigation that has put a cloud over his client.

Three steamer trunks, six suitcases and three file boxes full of documents and pictures were delivered to police headquarters the day after police conducted a second search of the actor’s home, where Bonny Lee Bakley had lived in a guest cottage.

Attorney Harland Braun, who has described Bakley as a celebrity-obsessed woman who used a lonely hearts mail solicitation scheme to get money from men, said she was a ”packrat” who kept every document she was involved with.

Braun said he pointed out the items to police and had it collected when they did not take it in the first search Saturday. The delivery, announced in advance, drew a throng of reporters and television cameras to Parker Center.

”This is Hollywood,” Braun said. ”I mean, this is a strange land, you know, where a case that is otherwise not interesting, is interesting because the man was an actor and people out there feel he was a part of their life because they’re fans.”

Braun described the items as a catalogue of her business operations including ”the lonely hearts thing, articles about her going back to the early ’70s, pictures of her in the ’70s, phony pictures of her with Elvis Presley, other stars; all types of things I think the police could possibly use in a very difficult investigation.”

Braun said he turned the materials over in response to a police letter.

”I think what they were doing is they were looking at physical evidence, a traditional criminal investigation, guns, powder tracings, eyewitnesses,” he said. ”And if they hit a wall with that then they’ve got to look at the backgrounds of the people, the participants, both my client and the deceased. And this will enable them to look into her background for hints or clues.”

Bakley, whom Blake, 67, married four months ago when it was determined he was the father of her 11-month-old daughter, was shot in Blake’s car Friday night after the couple ate at a Studio City restaurant.

Blake’s lawyer has said she was shot after the actor left her in the car to go back to the restaurant to retrieve a gun he had been carrying.

Braun said he also turned over tape recordings in which she discussed her ”star-stalking strategy” with friends, weighing whether it would be more beneficial for her to go after Christian Brando, son of Marlon Brando, as a potential husband or Blake. Bakley, 45, initially had claimed Christian Brando fathered her baby.

Blake was hospitalized briefly after the shooting for treatment of high blood pressure, but later returned to his home. He has since been in seclusion at an undisclosed location.

”He’s got a cloud over him,” Braun said. ”You have to live with who you are and make your peace with your maker about what you really are rather than what people think you are. I mean, isn’t that the problem with Hollywood, is what people think you are rather than what you really are? I think he’s learning a fast lesson in reality.”

But the attorney indicated Blake was recovering emotionally.

”Mentally he’s doing a lot better. He’s able to calm down. He’s got his blood pressure under control. He’s concerned about his daughter and the rest of the family,” Braun said.

The attorney also said there were ”negotiations” under way with Bakley’s family concerning her funeral.

”This is a very sad story,” Braun said. ”When I first looked at this evidence I thought, well, this was really an evil person. But as you look through it, it was the L.A. sad story of someone who was good looking, wanted to be famous, came out to be an actress, never connected, and never would give up that dream.”

Instead, he said, Bakley went from wanting to be a celebrity ”to attaching herself to celebrities, having fantasies about celebrities and finally getting the celebrity that she had in her death rather than her life.”

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