BMP backlash: Officials are calling for changes to the system |

BMP backlash: Officials are calling for changes to the system

With no clear direction except a 14-year-old BMP ordinance, city and county leaders are taking the matter into their own hands.

“The BMP program as it presently exists is a bankrupt program; it’s ineffective; it doesn’t work,” said Dave Jinkens, manager of the city of South Lake Tahoe.

Jinkens said he plans to propose hiring a consultant to develop a streamlined system at next week’s City Council meeting.

“We need a comprehensive system for not just city government, but for private sector people so they can get out from this burden of doing things that are not going to achieve the environmental objectives,” he said. “We need something better to achieve the mission.”

Jurisdictions throughout the lake are rewarded for BMP completion. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency hands out more building rights to those that have completed more BMPs, and the city has been lagging behind.

“We certainly acknowledge the program can be improved, and we are actively working on new approaches and improving efficiency,” said TRPA spokeswoman Julie Regan. “This is going to be a long-term implementation plan, and we want to be reasonable in our approach with the community.”

El Dorado County Supervisor Norma Santiago is also working on a complete revamp of the BMP program. She’d like to do them by neighborhood to cut down on costs and integrate private efforts with those of the city and county.

She said the concept has been received well and she hopes to get people together soon to design projects.

“Now more than ever, there seems to be a need to integrate all the needs of these different landowners and to form public-private partnerships,” she said.

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