Boathouse at El Dorado Beach being considered as part of 56-Acre project |

Boathouse at El Dorado Beach being considered as part of 56-Acre project

Adam Jensen

A two-story, 2,500-square-foot boathouse at El Dorado Beach was among elements of a design for the 56-Acre project discussed at a steering committee meeting Wednesday.

The top level of the proposed boathouse would face east and would sit flush with the ground where the beach’s barbecue pits and picnic tables sit. The bottom level would face west along the recreation area’s boat ramp.

The design for the top floor includes a public restroom and a food stand, while the bottom level includes space for a nonmotorized boat rental business as well as private kayak storage, according to a presentation from Jennifer Devlin, the lead architect on the 56-Acre project. Several sustainability features, including photovoltaic panels, composting toilets and passive ventilation, also are being considered for the boathouse, she said.

After a question by steering committee member Daniel McHale regarding the appearance of the structure, Devlin assured him that the boathouse’s exterior could be made to be “completely in concert” with some of Lake Tahoe’s classic boathouses.

The 56-Acre project, so called because it includes that amount of land, is being developed to enhance the area now housing the city library, recreation center, ice rink, public works department and other public venues in the Rufus Allen Boulevard area.

If the portion of the project north of Highway 50 moves smoothly through its next phases – including environmental analysis and a detailed cost estimate – construction on that piece of the 56-Acre project could begin as soon as spring 2009, project proponents say.

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The bulk of the project – located south of Highway 50 – still requires several more analyses, including studies of economic impact, traffic and forest health, before construction begins, an undertaking which still is at least two years off.