Book: ‘Beating Asthma: Seven Simple Principles’ |

Book: ‘Beating Asthma: Seven Simple Principles’

More than 34 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma some time during their life, of which roughly one-third are under the age of 18.

Dr. Stephen Apaliski, MD, an expert in the field of Pediatrics and Allergy and Immunology, has found in his 30 years of experience that for as many individuals who live with asthma, few really have it under control, leading to further health complications and death.

In his new book, “Beating Asthma: Seven Simple Principles,” Apaliski teaches the important basics of asthma care, empowering readers with the information needed to take full control of their own, or a loved one’s asthmatic condition.

“When questioned about their asthma, 71 percent of patients say it is well or completely controlled,” says Apaliski. “When these same patients were analyzed using objective measures of control, only 29 percent were well controlled, so 71 percent were, in fact, poorly controlled. When not in control, patients’ quality of life is greatly reduced, and they are faced with potential emergency room visits, poor sleep, missing school or work, medication overuse, and depression.”

The lack of knowledge and understanding of asthma is coupled with the fact that there are simply not enough allergists and other asthma specialists to care for all those who deal with the condition.

In his new book, Apaliski raises awareness of the standard of care needed for asthma sufferers so they will come to expect nothing less – and hopefully combat the nearly 4,000 deaths that asthma causes each year. It empowers asthma sufferers and their caregivers to gain better control over their condition buy paying attention to the 7 P’s:

Problem – understand how asthma works and know the basics of the condition

Prevention – avoid those things in your environment that trigger asthma

Pulmonary function tests – Know how well your lungs are functioning and use this information to guide your treatment plan

Pharmaceuticals – know that medication is an essential part of keeping your asthma under control

Plan – set your asthma action plan, a roadmap that tells you when and what to do when things go wrong

Patient-Physician – having open communications with your physician is a crucial part of treating asthma

Positive mindset – remaining optimistic, taking ownership of your responsibilities to treat asthma, and becoming dedicated to keeping control over the position will increase quality of life amongst asthma sufferers

“I have believed for years that people with asthma and any other chronic condition are best served by being empowered and developing a great relationship with a good, empathetic and caring physician,” said Apaliski, a practicing physician for more than 30 years who is board-certified in pediatrics as well as allergy and immunology.

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