Book depicts slavery during the Civil War |

Book depicts slavery during the Civil War

“Rain” by Randy A. Guthrie

It was not long ago that some men were slaves to others in our great country. Randy Guthrie takes us back to that time, and involves us in their daily struggles. Set during the Civil War in the southern states, Guthrie tells the tale of the young hero, Rain, and his struggle for freedom.

“Rain” is written in a style accessible to many readers, spare and without excess embellishments. Guthrie’s writing style complements the story, as the character Rain is a simple man himself. We follow Rain from his escape to his life on the run during the Civil War, and during his saga we see the juxtapositions that make up his life: freedom and slavery, the Union versus the South.

Well written and researched, “Rain” is a book that should be read by anyone interested in what life in the South was like for an escaping slave. Written at a level that even younger readers can understand, Randy A. Guthrie’s “Rain” is a solid historical novel that deserves a wide audience.

– Mark Dulyanai is a library assistant and Friend of the Library at the South Lake Tahoe Branch Library.