Bowling awards and scores |

Bowling awards and scores

Our top three men’s bowlers of the week are Michael Blank, Chris Korves, and Shawn Nash.

Blank bowls on Team No. 11 in the His and Hers league and maintains a 208 average. Blank Unleashed his high series of the season rolling games of 232-255-237 en route to an awesome 724 series. Blank will receive his 700 series award from the USBC.

Korves bowls on the We Don’t Give a Splits team in the His and Hers league and carries a 199 average. Korves unloaded his high series of the season with games consisting of 259 and 267 en route to an outstanding 712 series. Korves will also receive his 700 series award from the USBC.

Nash bowls on the Spare Us Plz team in the His and Hers league and holds a 157 average. Nash exploded for his high game of the season toppling 250 pins. Hash will also receive His high game award from the USBC.

Blank, Korves, and Nash all received Shott’s men’s bowlers of the week honors for their awesome accomplishment on the lanes.

Our top two women’s bowlers of the week are Eva Otomo and Arlene Hailey.

Otomo bowls on the We Don’t Give a Splits team in the His and Hers league and sports a 189 average. Otomo connected for an outstanding 253 game.

Hailey bowls on The Dream Team in the His and Hers league and maintains a 211 average. Hailey uncorked the high women’s series of the season with games consisting of 243-249-256 en route to her seasons high 748 series. Hailey will receive her 700 series award. Both Otomo and Hailey were selected as Shott’s women’s bowlers of the week for their fine performances on the lanes.

Special recognition awards

Lori Gomez rolled a 201 game with a 148 average in the Basin Bowlers league.

Lenny Lopez recorded a 729 series in the Ho Hum Trio.

Kim Hegyes rolled a 211 game with a 153 average in the Guy and Dolls league.

Leo Fuller fired a 222 game with a 158 average in the Ho Hum Trio league.

High Scores of the Week

Basin Bowlers, March 11

Shannon Spivack, 223

Scott Spivack, 226-216/636

Jason Agnew, 213

Lori Gomez, 201

Ron Ticknor, 202-210/602

Kevin Miller, 213-246/652

Craig Kubal, 216

Damon LaBlue, 214

Seniors, March 15

Pat O’Connell, 200

Franz Goepfert, 204

Larry Coffman, 217

His and Hers, March 15

Tony DeNunzio, 204-212

Kevin Miller, 215-216-213/644

George Alm, 203-234/606

Eva Otomo, 253

Edward Gardner, 247-216/644

Tosha Sorensen, 200

Dustin Sorensen, 223/613

Bob Pederson, 206

Sky Rosselle, 212

Shannon Spivack, 209

Justin Bowers, 246-204/622

Scott Spivack, 202-219/619

Thomas Milazzo, 202-212/606

Arlene Hailey, 243-249-256/748

William Campbell, 213-256/658

Terri Paul, 201

Kevin Root, 201

Tom Otomo, 247-202/637

Bill Kennessey, 225

Craig Kubal, 205-246-225/676

Michael Blank, 232-255-237/724

Shawn Nash, 250

Mike Stewart, 222

Rico Pura, 259-222/670

Ho Hum Trio, March 16

Leo Fuller, 222

Lenny Lopez, 233-249-247/729

Anthony Gregorich, 234-214/614

Judy Guinn, 209

Ron Lyness, 221

Guys and Dolls, March 17

Kim Hegyes, 211

Kevin Miller, 202

William Campbell, 220

Greg Trischler, 225

Mike Hylander, 231-204-221/656

Lenny Lopez, 224/605

Kevin Kelley, 224

Carl Moreland, 203

Brian Stanton, 212

Edward Gardner, 226-205-225/656

Dan Kaufman, 217-222/636

Dale Lawton, 211

Bob Pederson, 204

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